Fatal Bicycle Accident on Folsom Boulevard

Fatal Bicycle Accident on Folsom Boulevard

A fatal bicycle accident occurred on November 8 in the College-Glen neighborhood on Folsom Boulevard when the driver of an SUV hit a cyclist at about 7:47 in the evening. According to a representative of the Sacramento Police Department, the driver of a Chevrolet Suburban was heading east in the 8600 block of Folsom Boulevard near Watt Avenue when the crash occurred. After hitting the cyclist, the SUV driver lost control of their vehicle and ran off the road, hitting a tree. No one was injured in the Suburban, however, the cyclist died at the scene of the crash. At this time, the police said they did not believe the driver was speeding, nor were drugs or alcohol involved. The Suburban driver remained at the fatal bicycle accident scene and was said to have cooperated with police. 

Losing a Family Member in a Fatal Bicycle Accident

Every day, thousands of people die suddenly in a traffic accident of one type or another. Such deaths are hard on the family since they must deal with not just the person’s demise but also the unexpected nature of it. Initially, the family members may reject offers of help, not because they are unwanted but because the grieving survivors don’t know what to ask for. That is one reason it is best to make your offer specific. For example, instead of saying do you need anything, it is best to ask whether they could make a grocery list for you to use. 

In the days immediately after the fatal bicycle accident, it is important to ensure the bereaved person is sleeping and eating properly, and tasks are being handled, such as taking children to school and making funeral arrangements. Since the family may be overwhelmed and not focusing on safety on the road, offer to drive them wherever they need to go. However, grief does not stop with the funeral. There are other things that friends and family should do after the initial phase:

  • Don’t disappear: It is understandable that everyone has to attend to their lives, and this might mean that after the funeral is over, the attention you paid the bereaved is withdrawn somewhat. The problem is this time is often the most crucial part of coping with the death. Coming home to an empty house is not easy. 
  • Don’t make yourself the center of attention: The bereaved does not need to hear what you would do in their shoes unless they ask. Just be present and above all, nonjudgmental. 
  • Listen more: It is important to let the family member speak about how they feel and how the person’s death will affect their lives and their children. It is not time to talk about how the fatal bicycle accident affects you.
  • Let the family be in control: Let the family mention what they feel they should do, whether it’s cleaning out the person’s closet or moving. In the end, they are the ones in charge. If they ask what you would do, tell them, but remind the family your response does not mean it is right for them.
  • Do chores the decedent might have done: Whether it’s taking children to school, mowing the lawn or taking the car to the garage, offer to do the chores until other arrangements can be made.
  • Help children deal with death: Children often have a hard time understanding why someone they love was killed in an accident. Provide them with special attention if you can.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When someone is killed suddenly in an accident caused by negligence on the part of another, it is possible to file a wrongful death claim against the perpetrator. While this will not lessen the aloneness and grief you feel, it will help with financial issues such as paying for funeral expenses. It is also possible to recover the financial support the person provided the family and might have provided in the future. In addition, it can pay for the cost of doing work around the home previously done by the decedent.

What an Attorney Can Do

At our firm, we understand the way a death in the family can turn the world upside down. We work hard to ensure that negligence does not occur without consequences. We look for evidence that proves the defendant was responsible, by using accident reconstruction, video footage of the crash, and by interviewing witnesses. We also examine the police report for mistakes. Once this phase is finished, we turn the data over to our legal team to build a strong case for our clients.

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