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February 27, 2019
Edward Smith

Fatal Accidents in Woodland

Recent information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has shown that fatal collisions have been increasing over recent years. NHTSA stated that, while factors like driving while fatigued or distracted are declining, there are more and more accidents being caused by speeding and driving under the influence. Woodland is no exception and has seen numerous fatal collisions over the past decade. However, residents can decrease their risk of being hurt in a crash by learning how fatal collisions affect their area. The following blog contains useful information about fatal accidents in Woodland.

Accidents Overview

The following statistics come from data gathered by UC Berkeley researchers during 2006-2018. Over this period of time, Woodland was the site of 1,270 traumatic car accidents. Twenty-seven of these accidents involved one or more fatal injuries, claiming 30 lives overall. This shows that most fatal accidents only caused one deadly injury.

Almost half of these fatal collisions involved a pedestrian. Only two involved a motorcycle and none involved a bicycle. Across the 27 fatal accidents, 15 people were left with severe non-fatal injuries. Additionally, about 25 percent of these collisions took place on a highway within Woodland.

Crash Type

The most common type of fatal accident in Woodland during this time period was vehicle/pedestrian crashes. After these, the next most common type was hit-object crashes. Hit-object crashes accounted for exactly one-third of fatal Woodland accidents. All other collision types had less than 3 fatal crashes each and included rollovers, head-on accidents, broadsides, and sideswipes.

For non-fatal collisions, the most common crash types were broadsides and rear-end crashes. These statistics show that pedestrian and hit-object accidents happen less often, but tend to be more deadly than other types of crashes.


Not every crash is caused by a traffic violation, but driving recklessly does seriously increase the risk of an accident. Almost all of Woodland’s deadly accidents were caused by reckless drivers. The most deadly violations during 2006-2017 were speeding and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These caused 7 crashes each, accounting for more than fifty percent of the accidents in question.

Calling an Attorney

After a car accident causes the death of a loved one, people are often unsure of what they can do. Not only do bereaved family members need to cope with their grief, but they are also left in a hard financial situation. Families often need to pay for medical expenses related to the accident or lose a source of income that their household relies on to pay for necessary expenses. However, families and dependents can file wrongful death claims in order to hold negligent parties responsible and recover for their losses.

These claims are often complicated and can vary widely depending on the details of the crash. Because of this, it always best to have the advice of a Woodland wrongful death lawyer. Most lawyers offer free phone consultation so that you can get the information you need.

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