Update | Fatal Accident Occurs Involving Elk Grove Driver 

Driver Crashes Into Tree in Elk Grove Boulevard Fatal Accident

A fatal accident occurred in Elk Grove on August 7 when a driver ran into a tree for unknown reasons. The accident was reported by the Elk Grove Police Department. The crash happened along northbound Elk Grove Boulevard near Interstate 5 at around 8:00 p.m. when the driver’s vehicle suddenly went toward the median and struck a tree. 

Elk Grove Boulevard Closed Down for Fatal Accident Investigation

Elk Grove Boulevard was shut down in both directions near Harbor Point as well as both ramps onto and off the highway. Officials have identified the deceased as 34-year-old Robert Graham Hanson of Roseville. No further information was immediately available.

Reasons Why a Motor Vehicle May Suddenly Swerve Off the Road 

The sudden swerving of a motor vehicle is one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. Here are some key reasons why a motor vehicle may suddenly swerve off the road:

  • Driver fatigue: Drivers who are tired or overly fatigued may not be able to respond quickly enough when a dangerous situation arises. This can result in sudden swerving and loss of control of the vehicle.
  • Inattention/Distraction: When drivers become distracted, they can temporarily lose focus on the task of driving and fail to notice an upcoming hazard. This lack of attention can lead to a sudden swerving of the vehicle.
  • Mechanical failure: Defective parts such as brakes or tires can often cause a motor vehicle to suddenly veer off course. By keeping the vehicle following a fatal accident, it can be examined by an automotive engineer to determine if one of the parts was defective and led to the collision. The manufacturer and others may be held responsible by filing an auto product liability claim.
  • Adverse weather conditions: If there is snow or rain on the road, a motor vehicle may suddenly swerve off course because of slippery conditions. High winds can also cause unusual movements in vehicles, leading to sudden swerving.
  • Roadway damage or objects blocking the driver’s path: Potholes, construction debris, and other objects in the road can cause a driver to swerve their vehicle suddenly. In some cases, this behavior cannot be avoided by the driver due to limited time or space to react. A claim may be possible against the government entity responsible for the road’s upkeep. However, the time limit to file this type of claim is six months, after which it will be too late. Getting assistance from an accident attorney can help.

Lawyer Ed Smith explains in the video that follows what constitutes a wrongful death claim:

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Elk Grove

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