Fairfield Single-Vehicle Crash Claims Life of Young Woman

Young Woman Dies in Vanden Road Single-Vehicle Crash

A single-vehicle crash in Fairfield on January 4 killed a woman who was 19. The Fairfield Police Department received a call of an accident along Vanden Road eastbound around 8:39 a.m. When they arrived at the scene, the officers discovered that a vehicle had crashed into a utility pole located along the side. 

Weather Conditions May Have Contributed to Single-Vehicle Crash

The area around the collision remained closed as investigators determined how the accident occurred. They concluded that weather factored into the crash because a standing pool of water was on the road close to where the accident happened. A spokesperson for the police department, Jennifer Brantley, said the deceased woman’s name and residence will not be released until the family is notified. 

Accidents Involving a Run-Off-Road Single-Vehicle Collision

The majority of single-vehicle accidents involving motorists leaving the roadway are caused by driver error, but not all. Single-vehicle collisions where the car leaves the road can be caused by the following outside influences:

  • Weather conditions: Automobiles may run off the road when drivers swerve suddenly to avoid a road obstruction. This type of single-vehicle crash can also occur if the vehicle hits a slick spot and starts fishtailing or sliding. In these cases, the driver overcorrects and ends up causing a serious accident.
  • Lack of maintenance on roads: Poorly maintained roads can have potholes, cracks and other hazards that can cause cars to lose control and run off the road. In order to avoid accidents, drivers must be alerted to potential dangers and have adequate illumination along roadways. A driver can make a critical error because of inadequate lighting or signage, resulting in a single-vehicle accident. A crash can also be caused by hazardous objects on the road. There are several factors that can cause a vehicle to lose control and veer off the road, including large rocks, fallen trees or debris from another accident. If a single-vehicle wreck is caused by a lack of road maintenance, the government entity responsible for its upkeep may be liable. An injury lawyer can help you comply with the six-month deadline to file a government claim.
  • Aggressive or hit-and-run drivers: It is possible for a driver to lose control of their car and run off the road if they are being chased by another vehicle or by a motorist who is acting aggressively such as tailgating. In some instances, the driver causes what appears to be a single-vehicle crash and then flees the scene.
  • Auto defects: Several defective auto parts can cause a vehicle to run off a road, including malfunctioning brakes, tires and other parts. In the wake of an accident involving injuries or deaths, retaining the vehicle is vital so it can be checked for defects. It may be possible to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer and others if a defective part led to the single-vehicle accident.

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