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May 10, 2019
Edward Smith

Fairfield Man Died in Clarksburg Crash

California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that one person passed away during a car accident that took place near Clarksburg on Wednesday, April 8, 2019. The accident fatally injured a 25-year-old Fairfield man whose identity is currently being withheld by local officials. Additionally, a child and 24-year-old Elk Grove woman also suffered trauma during the incident. According to reports, the child was seriously injured and hospitalized after the crash. My prayers and sympathy are with the family and friends of the man who tragically passed away due to this collision.

Crash Information

Officers stated that the Fairfield man had been driving a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta north on South River Road only a few miles out of the city of Clarksburg along the Sacramento River at around 8:00 p.m. The Jetta was reportedly traveling at a speed of about 80 miles per hour when it traveled off of the roadway. After exiting the road, the Jetta traveled off of a nearby embankment and overturned. When it finally came to a stop, the vehicle was left partially submerged in the river.

When emergency responders finally got to the collision scene, they discovered that the driver had been ejected from the vehicle during the accident and suffered critical trauma as a result. Sadly, the man was declared deceased on-site. The child was determined to have sustained major injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital. Updates on the child’s condition have not yet been reported. Details about the Elk Grove woman’s injuries were not available at the time of reporting.


CHP has stated that their investigators are looking into what may have caused this accident. However, police have yet to mention any specific factors besides speeding that they believe to have played a part in causing this crash. Single vehicle accidents are common, especially at night and can be caused by factors such as medical issues, vehicle product defects, reckless driving, and more.

Calling an Attorney

After a serious car accident, families are often left feeling overwhelmed. Coping with grief, worrying about a loved one in the hospital, and trying to meet the demands of daily life can leave people feeling suffocated and confused. For this reason, many people choose to take time away from work or other responsibilities in order to be together with their loved ones and heal emotionally. This process is important, but it is also critical to contact a lawyer early on after a major car accident. Responsible parties are typically quick to start building a legal defense and having an attorney can prevent them from disclaiming responsibility.

If you would like some more information about how to find a lawyer that you can trust to handle your case effectively, you may want to view the following video. If you want specific advice about your case, the best option is to call a trustworthy attorney and speak to them directly.

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