Fairfield Car Accident Statistics

Fairfield Accident Statistics
Fairfield Accident Statistics

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield car accident lawyer. Fairfield is the second largest city in Solano County and the seat of the county government. With so many residents and people commuting to and from the city, Fairfield is also the site of a significant amount of vehicle traffic. Unfortunately, where there is traffic, accidents are likely to happen. Fairfield has been the site of many injury-causing car accidents over the past decade and continues to see dangerous traffic collisions. However, residents can reduce their risk of being involved in a crash by learning about how and where crashes are most likely to take place in their city.

Accidents Overview

According to data published by UC Berkeley researchers, Fairfield was the site of 6,205 reported traumatic car accidents between the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2017. This means that, on average, more than 600 annual accidents were resulting in injury within the city.

These 6,205 crashes were mostly collisions involving either passenger vehicles, large trucks, or both. These types of accidents accounted for about 84 percent of accidents overall. Less common types of crashes included bicycle collisions, which accounted for 4.3 percent of accidents, pedestrian accidents at 6.2 percent, and wrecks involving motorcycles at 5.6 percent. Additionally, just over 38 percent of Fairfield’s injury accidents took place on a highway location.

Dangerous Locations

Some roadway locations tend to be more dangerous than others. This happens for many reasons including bad visibility, high levels of traffic, poorly designed pedestrian crossings, and more. In Fairfield, the below intersections have been especially dangerous and are listed next to the number of accidents that occurred nearby in the last decade:

  1. Air Base Parkway and Texas Street, 87
  2. Dover Avenue and Air Base Parkway, 79
  3. Beck Avenue and Highway 12, 64
  4. Clay Bank Road and Air Base Parkway, 60
  5. Heath Drive and Air Base Parkway, 60
  6. Heath Drive and Alaska Avenue, 54
  7. Travis and Gateway Boulevards, 52
  8. Oliver Road at Texas Street and Rockville Road, 51
  9. Pacific Avenue and Texas Street, 49
  10. 2nd Street and Michigan Street, 46

Accident Severity

The vast majority of collisions in Fairfield did not cause visible injuries. Non-visible injuries accounted for almost 70 percent of all accident trauma. However, just because an injury isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t serious. Traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, and spinal trauma are all examples of potentially non-visible injuries that can develop severe symptoms.

Visible non-severe injuries were also common, accounting for about one-quarter of crashes. Less common were severe visible injuries, which only accounted for around 4.5 of accidents. Least common of all were fatal crashes, which made up only 1 percent of injury collisions.

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