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Fairfield Accident Stats

Fairfield Accident Stats
Fairfield Accident Stats

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield car accident lawyer. Fairfield is one of the largest cities in Solano County and sees a significant amount of vehicle traffic on its streets every day. Unfortunately, heavy traffic always presents the possibility of an auto accident and Fairfield is no exception.

With numerous auto accidents having occurred in Fairfield in recent years, those who frequently make use of city roads may be interested in learning more about how, when, and under what circumstances these car accidents typically occur. Continue reading to find out more.

Accidents Overview

In the seven years spanning from January 1, 2009, to December 31, 2016, the city of Fairfield was the site of 4,827 recorded auto accidents that resulted in traumatic injuries ranging in severity from fatal to minor. These 4,827 auto accidents included 203 bike collisions, 308 pedestrian collisions, 259 motorcycle collisions, and 4,057 accidents that involved big rig trucks and/or normal passenger vehicles.

Additionally, 1817 (more than one-third) of the accidents happened on a highway operated by the state within Fairfield city limits.The rates at which these accident types occurred were mostly similar to rates for the county as a whole. However, accidents across the county were nearly ten percent more likely to occur on a state highway.

Accident Severity

For one in every one hundred accidents involving an injury, Fairfield saw around one fatal injury. This figure is lower than the same figure for Solano County, for which 1.86 percent of auto accidents resulted in fatalities.

4.43 percent of Fairfield injury collisions involved major injuries, 25.38 involved moderate-level injuries, and 69.13 percent involved injuries marked by complaints of pain. Across the board, auto accident injuries in Fairfield have been typically less severe than in other parts of the county.

Accident Type

The most common injury-causing car accident type in Fairfield is rear-end accidents, which accounted for a total of 1988 (41.19 percent) of the accidents in question. Rear-end accidents happened at more than double the rate of the next most common accident type, broadside collisions, which accounted for 19.42 percent of crashes involving trauma.

The list of most common accident types in Fairfield matches the list for Solano exactly. In order of most common to least common accident type, Fairfield and Solano’s collisions were most frequently:

  • rear-end accidents
  • broadside accidents
  • hit-object collisions
  • sideswipes
  • head-on crashes
  • rollover accidents


Often, car accidents are caused by drivers who neglect to properly follow the rules of the road. In Fairfield, the most common violation to cause accident injuries has been speeding, which caused approximately one-third of injury crashes.

Other common violations included improper turning, automobile right-of-way violations, and driving while intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs.

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