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Fair Oaks School Bus Collision

 Fair Oaks School Bus Collision 

A Fair Oaks school bus was involved in a collision with a Chevy Impala on May 10 at around 9:12 in the morning. It was reported by authorities that students were on the bus at the time the accident happened. It occurred along westbound Madison Avenue at the intersection with Illinois Avenue. The westbound lanes were blocked by the accident for about 45 minutes. Emergency personnel with the fire department arrived as a precaution to check for injuries. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one individual in the Impala was injured and transported to a nearby hospital. A tow truck was summoned to remove the vehicle from the scene of the crash.

Accidents With School Buses

The drivers of Fair Oaks school buses are required by law to take numerous safety precautions to protect the students. This includes using flashing lights and a swinging signal arm to indicate when school children are preparing to enter or exit the bus. Under California Vehicle Code 22454(a), motorists are not allowed to pass a school bus when the red lights are flashing. Violation of this code can result in a heavy fine and a point on their license. In addition, it endangers children who are crossing the street. Violating the school bus laws can end up causing a pedestrian accident, resulting in serious injuries.

Danger Zones

A Fair Oaks school bus has danger zones the same way a big rig does. This means that the driver does not have a clear view for as much as 30-feet ahead, 10 feet on the sides and 10 feet on the back. If another vehicle is too close, this can cause an accident if the bus operator changes lanes or has to stop suddenly. School bus drivers are expected to drive safely. If they fail to do so and cause a school bus collision, those who are injured may claim fair compensation to pay their medical bills and other expenses.

Stop Requirements

Just as other California bus drivers are required, a Fair Oaks school bus driver must perform the following operations when preparing to stop. This is to safeguard the children onboard the bus as well as alert others. This includes:

  • Slowing down the bus
  • Checking all the mirrors continuously
  • Watching for pedestrians, other traffic, motorcyclists and the like
  • Turning on the amber warning lights between five and 10 seconds before stopping or at a distance of around 200 feet
  • Using the signal indicator for a right-hand turn between 100 and 300 feet from stopping
  • Moving over to the far right as safely as possible

Seeking Advice From an Experienced Lawyer

When you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the negligent actions of another, you may be able to obtain compensation. A lawyer with experience in motor vehicle accidents can answer your questions and tell you whether or not you have a case. Since injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, getting help to recover personal injury damages costs you nothing unless you win.

Fair Oaks Car Accident Lawyer

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