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April 19, 2023
Edward Smith

Highway 101 Crash Causes Three Deaths, including Two Eureka Residents

Two Eureka residents who died in a highway crash near Ukiah recently have been identified. The single-vehicle collision took the lives of 30-year-old Gavin Backues and 22-year-old Caroline Salcido, both from Eureka. The accident happened on Highway 101 near Pomo Lane, according to the Sheriff’s Office in Mendocino County. 

Identification of Third Person Who Died in Highway Crash Pending

The Toyota Echo three people were riding in was going north along the highway when it drifted off the road and into a tree. The vehicle sustained major damage to its front end and caught fire. Identifications were reached based on a tattoo and surgical history. The third occupant of the vehicle is pending analysis using DNA to ascertain the identity. An investigation is underway by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to determine the accident’s cause.

A Wrongful Death Claim Requires Proof

To prove negligence in a wrongful death case in Ukiah, lawyers must use the same principles they apply to other types of personal injury claims. Essentially, they must show that the negligent party or entity violated a duty of care owed to the deceased. The individual died in the highway crash due to a breach of duty, and the family is seeking compensation for the damages caused by their death. 

Lawsuits For Wrongful Death Can Be Filed By Anyone

The immediate family of a deceased person may file a lawsuit, usually with the help of an attorney in Ukiah. They include:

  • A deceased person’s spouse
  • A deceased’s children
  • Children who received at least half of their support from the deceased

Wrongful Death Compensation

You cannot make up for the loss of your loved one with financial compensation. It is unlikely, however, that they would want you to worry about money after they are gone. Family members can collect the following damages in California following a highway crash by filing a wrongful death claim:

  • Without the decedent, the family would have lost the income and bonuses such as insurance and pension coverage they would have provided until their retirement age.
  • Expenses associated with funerals and burials are recoverable.
  • Costs associated with the services the deceased normally provided to the family can be recouped.
  • Inheritance loss is recoverable in some instances.
  • Anxiety, grief and anguish suffered by the family can be compensated.
  • The surviving spouse’s loss of consortium may be included, as well as compensation for the lost affection and moral support the decedent provided.

Help in Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

As a law firm, we understand the difficulties and grief you face every day. Bringing a wrongful death lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind. Due to the importance of proving negligence, our investigators examine the causes of the wrongful death. In addition to interviewing witnesses, they examine the site of the accident to gather supportive evidence. Accident reconstruction is performed, surveillance cameras are checked to see if the highway crash was captured on film, and the police report is reviewed. Once all information is amassed, the investigators release it to our lawyers to build a strong case for the family.

Ukiah Personal Injury Lawyer

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