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January 31, 2019
Edward Smith

Eureka Man Identified Following Crash

On Thursday, January 24, 2019, Humboldt County officials reported the identity of a man who lost his life in a local car accident. The man was identified as Aaron Wade Kangas, a 56-year-old man from Eureka. The accident happened on the morning of January 22, 2019. Police say the crash involved multiple vehicles and a pedestrian. The most recent reports state that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is still investigating this tragic crash in order to find out what may have caused it. My condolences are extended to those who are mourning the loss of their friend and family member.

Crash Information

CHP officers reported that the crash happened at 6:30 a.m. Kangas had been walking along the northbound side of Highway 101 to the north of Humboldt Hill. A 31-year-old Eureka man driving a 2002 Chevy Silverado merged onto the highway using the Humboldt Hill on-ramp. The Chevy driver reportedly looked over his left-hand shoulder to check for traffic. When the driver turned his head back, he noticed Kangas in the lane in front of him. The driver was unable to avoid striking Kangas and immediately pulled over to call for help. While the Chevy driver was making his call, several other vehicles struck the pedestrian.

When emergency responders arrived at the crash location, they found that Kangas had suffered critical injuries. The man was tragically declared deceased on-site. CHP did not report any other injuries related to the accident.


Investigators from CHP said that they do not currently know whether or not drugs and/or alcohol were a part of this accident. So far, no suspected factors have been mentioned by police. CHP has asked for help from the public to learn more about the crash. Anybody who has information about this accident should call (707) 822-5981 or email [email protected] to report what they know.

Vehicle/Pedestrian accidents are common and can easily cause very serious injuries. These types of crashes are commonly caused by factors like distracted driving, auto part defects, right-of-way violations, and more.

Wrongful Death Damages

The emotional impact of fatal accidents is often severe. Families typically experience very strong emotions that can feel overwhelming. On top of learning how to cope with their grief, people often also have to face serious financial issues. The death of a family member can mean losing a source of income that your household relies on. No longer having your family member around to perform household services like cleaning, childcare, cooking, etc. can also be very hard to deal with, especially when coping with grief. However, families and dependents are often able to claim payments for these losses. This can be done by filing a “wrongful death claim.”

Wrongful death claims seek to provide people with the support they need after suffering tragic events. However, these cases can be complicated, and the details of an accident can vary widely. The best thing to do if you’ve been affected by a fatal crash is to speak to a professional wrongful death lawyer. To learn a bit more about wrongful death damages, see the below video:

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