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September 13, 2019
Edward Smith

Eureka Driver, Cattle Killed in Truck Accident

California Highway Patrol (CHP) has reported that a man from Eureka lost his life during a single-vehicle truck accident that took place on Sunday, September 8, 2019. In addition to the fatally injured man, 20 cattle were killed as a result of the accident. Humboldt County authorities have not yet released the decedent’s identity and are in the process of notifying his family. This crash remains under CHP investigation.

Collision Details

The accident reportedly happened at around 11:00 a.m. The Eureka man had been driving a 1990 International truck on Alderpoint Road. He was heading north and had just passed Sturm Road when he lost control of his truck for unknown reasons. The truck veered off the road and broke through a bridge railing over Burr Creek. After the initial crash, the truck careened over the bridge and eventually came to a stop lying on its side on the river bank.

Staff from Cal-Fire, Carlotta Fire, CHP, and Bridgeville Fire all assisted with accident response. When emergency officials found the wrecked truck, they discovered that the driver was very badly injured. Tragically, the man passed away before he could be given medical attention. All 20 of the cattle being transported were fatally injured as well.


As police are looking into this accident, officers have stated that they do not believe that intoxicated driving was a factor. Potential accident witnesses have been asked to get in touch with CHP to report what they know by contacting the non-emergency number (707) 923-2155.

Investigating an accident in which the involved drivers aren’t able to report what happened can be difficult for police and key factors can be overlooked in the process. For this reason, it’s important that the families of decedents reach out to a local attorney who can conduct their own investigation into the crash. Your attorney should be able to determine whether or not the vehicle was up to safety standards, if the roadway was hazardous, or if some other factor caused the collision.

Trucking Accidents

Large commercial trucks are often the property of a holding company, and these companies usually begin building a legal defense directly after accidents take place. While grieving can take time and make it difficult to deal with any extra stress, it’s important to talk with a lawyer as soon as you can so that they can prevent negligent parties from covering up important evidence and disclaiming responsibility. Holding these parties responsible financially is often a vital part of recovering personally for those affected by fatal collisions.

If you’d like more information about why it is important to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you are able to, I encourage you to take a look at this short video:

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