Emily Uyeno | Jet Ski Crash Kills Elk Grove Teen

emily uyeno jet ski crash

A Jet ski crash on Lake Camanche that occurred on May 29, 2017 tragically ended the life of an Elk Grove teenager just days after she graduated from high school. My heart and prayers go out to the friends and family of Emily Uyeno who lost her life.

What Happened

Located 20 miles east of Galt, Lake Camanche is an artificial lake caused by the Camanche Dam in the San Joaquin Valley. It was here that Emily Uyeno, an 18-year-old-teenager from Elk Grove, visited with friends on May 29, 2017. While she was out riding a jet ski on the lake, she collided with a 21-year-old-friend riding another jet ski. The friend was able to get the attention of a nearby deputy patrolling the lake who came to their aid. The exact cause of the crash is unknown and is currently being investigated. Alcohol is not suspected of being a factor in this jet ski crash.

First Responder and Result

As the deputy approached the scene, it is reported by the Sheriff’s Office that Uyeno was found face down in the water. She was unresponsive and lifted into the boat by the deputy. After assisting the other crash victim into the boat, the deputy started efforts to revive Uyeno. Once off Lake Camanche, Uyeno was rushed to the Sutter Amador Hospital, located just over 18 miles north of the lake. It was there that she was pronounced dead. These kinds of accidents can often lead to head and brain injury, bone fracture, and femur fracture.

Remembering Emily Uyeno

Emily Uyeno

Emily Uyeno graduated from Rio Cazadero High School less than a week before her death. She is remembered by the high school staff as being a “great and cheerful student.” Counseling services are being provided as long as needed for the students and staff.

Boating and Jet Ski Crash Statistics

The United States Coast Guard releases recreational boating accident statistics every year. In the state of California, the total number of boating accidents is slightly increasing each year. In 2016, the total number of accidents was 386. Of these accidents, 43 resulted in at least one fatality. Unfortunately, this number is increasing at a greater pace than the total number of boating accidents.

Finding an experienced Boating Accident Lawyer

Legal cases that involve water accidents can have many technical and legal issues. There are many important questions that an experienced boating accident attorney will consider when evaluating a legal claim. Take a look at the list of questions below.

  • What specific activity was taking place?
  • Where and when did the activity take place?
  • What circumstances were surrounding the accident?
  • Was the person involved at an appropriate age?
  • Did the organizers of the activity provide proper supervision?
  • Was it a private or business related activity?
  • Was a commercial rental business involved?
  • Were the responsible operator’s trained in necessary lifesaving techniques?
  • Was there safety equipment on-hand?
  • What severe injuries took place? (e.g. head and brain injury, bone fracture, and femur fracture.)
  • Did participants have the ability to notify medical personnel immediately in the event of the accident?
  • Was any special equipment used?
  • Was the equipment properly maintained or was there any reason to believe it was unsafe or defective?
  • Were any recall notices out for the equipment involved in the accident?
  • Was a release or waiver of liability signed before the activity took place?
  • Were the signing individuals competent to do so?
  • How long has the injured party waited before pursuing their legal claim?
  • How many witnesses to the accident exist?
  • Do any photographs or videos of the accident exist?
  • Are government authorities involved in an investigation of the accident?

What is a Boating Accident?

If an injury occurs with or on some type of watercraft it can be considered a boating accident. This includes crashes involving a privately owned boat, a jet ski crash, ski-doo crash, any ferry-related injury, or even injuries relating to a cruise ship. In the law, it is considered a general rule that the operator and owner of a boat have a duty of care to exercise to the highest degree in order to prevent any foreseeable injuries to passengers and participants.

Some of the more common boating accidents that occur are collisions with another boat or object, boat disappearance or sinking, and slip and fall on the boat’s deck. Recklessness, carelessness or inexperience of an operator often leads to accidents and injury. Give our injury lawyers a call today especially if your claim involves a wrongful death.

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