Elk Grove Woman Suffers Fatal Balcony Fall


Elk Grove Woman Suffers Fatal Balcony Fall

I’m Ed Smith, a Balcony Collapse Lawyer. Balconies are a beautiful addition to any home, apartment, or condo; however, the elevation of the platform over the ground can create some serious safety hazards. Recently, a woman from Elk Grove died tragically after falling from a balcony.

What Happened?

A 21-year old woman from Elk Grove passed away after falling from the balcony attached to her apartment building and suffering traumatic injuries. While paramedics quickly responded to the complex located near the University of California in Berkeley, it was too late. She was transported to a local hospital, where she passed away. While parties, loud music, and intoxication can lead to inappropriate actions that could result in a fall from a balcony, residents of the complex reported that they did not hear any such activity early Sunday morning. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first such incident in the area. A couple of years ago, 13 people tumbled from a fifth-floor balcony, resulting in six deaths. The cause of the collapse in this scenario is still being investigated, according to police. Regardless of the reason, people should remain aware of the various causes that could lead to a balcony collapse and a wrongful death.

Not Always the Victim’s Fault

While certain activities can increase the chance of someone falling from a balcony, such as partying and drinking, not all falls from balconies are the fault of the victim. Balconies are supposed to be constructed with safety in mind, particularly given the nature of their location. This means using strong materials that do not collapse under stress and having railings that are of adequate height to prevent people from falling needlessly. Some of the most important safety concerns that people should keep in mind include:

Rotting Wood: Balconies are often made out of wood; however, different types of wood have different strengths. Furthermore, any wood that is rotting has lost a significant amount of its integrity and is prone to collapsing, causing a wrongful death.

Loose Railings: Railings are supposed to be in place to prevent people from stumbling off of the side of the balcony. If the railings aren’t properly secured, people could stumble right through the railing, tumbling to the ground below along with the loose railing.

Rusted Bolts: Bolts are used to keep the balcony attached to the structure and to keep the railing attached to the balcony itself. If the bolts are rusted over, they may not be strong enough to keep the balcony and the railing intact.

Railings that are Too Short: If the railing is too short, it may not be enough to stop the momentum of someone stumbling towards the railing. The victim could flip over the railing and fall to the ground below.

Exceeding the Weight Limit: The balcony must be built with a certain weight limit in mind. It is possible to miscalculate this weight limit, leading to a balcony collapse and serious injuries, perhaps even a wrongful death.

Common Injuries Caused by Balcony Collapse

There are many different injuries that can result from a balcony collapse, including:

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