Elk Grove T-Bone Collision Reported After Brake Failure

Brake Failure Reported Cause of Off-Ramp Crash in Elk Grove 

A T-bone collision occurred in Elk Grove on September 25 after a motorist’s brakes reportedly failed. The accident happened on the eastbound Calvine Road off-ramp over S.R. 99 shortly after 9:00 in the evening, causing a backup in traffic. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers investigating the accident determined that brake failure was the cause of the T-bone collision, which left debris scattered over all the lanes. Tow trucks were required to remove the vehicles. Information about any possible injuries in the collision was not released.

Causes of Brake Failure

Although brake failure is becoming less common in motor vehicles these days due to redundant safety systems, it still happens. When it does, the vehicle can go out of control and cause a serious accident such as a T-bone collision. Some of the reasons for brake failure that result in liability include:

  • Lack of maintenance by the vehicle owner: Not maintaining the brakes on a vehicle can certainly lead to failure. Most are caused by a leaky brake line so that the fluid runs out until pressure on the pedal can’t reach the tires. A bad brake cylinder or booster can also cause the system to fail. In these cases, the vehicle owner/driver can be held financially liable for any serious injuries or fatalities caused by this maintenance failure, including in a T-bone collision.
  • Negligent or improperly trained mechanic: In some instances, vehicle brakes were improperly installed or repairs were faulty and the mechanic can be held liable if an accident occurs as well as the owner of the company. Reconstruction of the T-bone collision or other car accident, as well as an examination of the vehicle is important to discover the reason the brakes failed and how the accident occurred.
  • Defects in the brakes: A defect in the brake system can cause a T-bone collision or another type of accident. In this instance as well, the vehicle must be examined by an engineer to determine if the brakes were faulty. This is one of the reasons it is important to retain a vehicle following a T-bone collision or other crash that results in injuries or fatalities. Claims against a manufacturer for faulty parts are filed through a product liability lawsuit, which is different than other personal injuries. The injury lawyer has to prove the defective auto part caused the accident injuries and that the brakes were not altered.

Finding proof of what caused a T-bone collision, whether it was driver error, a mechanical problem or others, is necessary to support a claim for compensation. We’ve successfully handled many accidents over the years and may be able to help you too. 

We believe that being injured through someone else’s negligent actions is bad enough without having to deal with the financial losses too. My legal team and I work hard to obtain fair compensation for our clients. By filing a personal injury claim, they can recover all the medical expenses associated with the accident, wages lost because they were unable to work and damages for their pain and suffering. If the injury is expected to continue into the future, those costs are factored into the settlement.

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