Elk Grove Overturned Car Accident

Elk Grove Overturned Car Accident

An Elk Grove overturned car resulted from a two-vehicle collision along State Route 99 on December 22, 2018. When the vehicle overturned, it caught fire. However, numerous passersby stopped to help get the occupants of the overturned car out and righted it. One individual was reported as injured and was transported to a nearby hospital. As of the time of this report, no information has been provided by authorities as to the nature of the person’s injuries or current condition. 

Elk Grove Overturned Car Accident Details

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident happened along SR 99 southbound just north of the Sheldon Road on-ramp at about 1:46 in the afternoon. It involved a Jeep and a pickup; however, no details were provided on how the collision occurred. The Jeep was in the center divider and overturned as well as blocking one of the lanes. The freeway was blocked heading southbound as emergency crews and police arrived.

Causes of Rollovers

While any vehicle can experience a rollover, vans, SUVs and light trucks are more likely to because of their higher center of gravity, which makes them more top heavy. Because speed increases the lateral force on a vehicle or a driver makes a turn too fast, the wall of the tire can become deformed, causing the car to tip over. This is an example of a tripped rollover.

Traction and Rollovers

Tires can make some difference in whether or not a vehicle tips over. Tires that grip the pavement too tightly can start building upside forces that will eventually tip the car over. Since some more sporty models of vehicles come with performance tires that offer more grip, these vehicles may be more at risk of rollover.

Ways to Improve Survival in a Rollover

It can be frightening to be driving along, get in an accident and suddenly realize your car is turning over. However, there are ways to improve your odds of not being injured. These include:

  • Always wear your seat belts. Almost half of overturned car fatalities are caused when someone is ejected from the vehicle or tossed around in a rollover. While some might think that being ejected isn’t that dangerous, keep in mind that up to 75 percent of those thrown from a car died.
  • Use caution loading your car. A badly weighted vehicle is more likely to end up as an overturned car. Put the heaviest weights in the center, and space things out to evenly distribute what you are carrying.
  • Use your tire gauge frequently. Underinflated, worn or defective tires are more likely to cause an overturned car accident.
  • Use more care driving on rural roads. About 75 percent of rollover fatalities occur on rural roads. This is because they are usually undivided and have no barriers as protection.
  • Stay at or under the speed limit: The faster a vehicle is moving, the more likely an overturned car accident will occur.

Watch the following video by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provided by attorney Ed Smith:

Crushed Roof in an Elk Grove Overturned Car

Roof crush plays an essential part in injuries after a rollover. If the vehicle occupants are wearing their seatbelts, rollovers are survivable. However, if the roof crushes in on the occupants, the chance of surviving is minimal at best. It is one of the major reasons for brain and spinal cord injury in a rollover. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the design of a vehicle incorporates strong roofs with adequate support structures. However, this does not always happen.

In many vehicles, the supporting pillars that keep the roof from crashing down are made of weak tubular elements, promoting the possibility of a crushed roof. An experienced attorney can investigate the vehicle to see if the roof consistently collapses, leading to complaints of a crushed roof in the past. They can also bring in experts to examine the roof to determine its strength as it is related to the vehicle’s construction and whether the vehicle’s design was defective.

Elk Grove Car Accident Lawyers

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