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July 20, 2022
Edward Smith

Crash on Southbound SR 99 Causes Minor Injuries

A traffic crash between a sedan and a big rig caused minor injuries in Elk Grove on July 19. The collision happened along southbound State Route 99 just north of the Grant Line Road off-ramp around 10:11 a.m. A woman driving a Cadillac sedan may have lost control of her vehicle. 

Traffic Crash Being Investigated After Driver Loses Control

The vehicle went off the road and overturned after striking the center divider and a semi hauling a flatbed trailer. The woman was able to exit her vehicle, and minor injuries were reported in the traffic crash. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is investigating to determine how the collision occurred.

Causes of Accidents When a Driver Loses Control of Their Vehicle

Most accidents where a driver loses control of their vehicle are caused by speeding, distracted driving and other types of negligence. However, in some situations, the driver causes a traffic crash for assorted reasons:

  • Government neglect of road maintenance: When a roadway is not properly maintained, there are often potholes, bad lighting after dark, upheavals and other deficiencies. An out-of-control vehicle accident can result from any of these factors. The government entity responsible for maintaining the roadway can be held accountable in these cases.
  • Escaped livestock: Drivers may encounter cows, horses or other livestock on the road and must take evasive measures in order to avoid them. Farmers and ranchers who own animals that escape their enclosures can be held liable for any injuries caused by the escape.
  • Defects in auto parts: Defective brakes, accelerator, tires or other auto parts can lead to a traffic crash. A driver can crash when a blowout, failed brakes or an accelerator that sticks occurs. It is important to keep a vehicle that has been involved in a collision so that your accident attorney can have it examined for defects. An auto product liability claim can be filed if the manufacturer is found to have caused the collision.
  • Aggressive drivers: The aggressive driver is often seen tailgating, making threatening gestures, and trying to intimidate another motorist. When a driver loses control and ends up in a traffic crash, it may be because another motorist crowded them and tried to force them off the road. 
  • Objects dropped in the road: The presence of objects in the roadway is another common cause of accidents where the driver loses control. The accident may have happened as a result of a natural occurrence, such as a tree falling in a storm. When cargo falls off a truck or vehicle due to poorly packed goods, the accident might be due to negligence by another driver.

Personal Injury Attorney in Elk Grove

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