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June 04, 2015
Edward Smith

With Elk Grove’s upcoming Dog Days of Summer Picnic 2015, it’s important to keep the following ordinances in mind for the safety of  everyone who attends:

Animals Must Be Licensed

Failure to license an animal in Elk Grove could result in fines and fees up to $500.00.

Rabies Vaccinations is Required

For the health of the animal and the community the City of Elk Grove requires that all dogs be vaccinated against the rabies virus. The animal must be current on its rabies vaccination and proof of vaccination is required.

Control of Animal

Local ordinance requires that Dogs be kept under control of their owner at all times.

Despite the ordinances in Elk Grove to protect the public, unfortunately dog bite injuries continue to rank highest in California. If you or a loved one are bitten by a dog in Elk Grove, California, the personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Edward A Smith recommends you do the following:

Medical Attention

The first thing you should do is seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Dog Owner

Obtain the names and addresses the dog owner and the person in custody of the dog.

Animal Services

Contact Elk Grove Animal Services (916) 687-3042 and report the dog bite injury. An animal control officer will investigate the circumstances and contact the owner.

Additional municipal codes and regulations pertaining to animals in the City of Elk Grove can be found here.  City of Elk Grove’s ordinances to reduce the risk of dog bites and attacks under chapter 8.06,  Dangerous and Vicious Animals, can be found here.

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