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Elk Grove Burn Injury Accident

Elk Grove Burn Injury Accident

Elk Grove Burn Injury Accident

Elk Grove Burn Injury Accident – Three people involved in a burn injury accident were saved by a Good Samaritan on October 21, 2018, when he pulled them from a burning truck on Laguna Boulevard. It is unknown what caused the truck to go off the road and strike a tree, causing the vehicle to catch on fire. One lane of Laguna Boulevard stayed closed for some time following the reopening of the road because the tree that the pickup struck had to be removed.

Elk Grove Burn Injury Accident Details

The accident happened around 5:40 in the morning, according to Elk Grove police. A resident in the area, Jeff Garrett, said that he heard the accident and looked out of his window when it happened and didn’t spot anything but heard someone cough. Then he went outside into his backyard next to Laguna Boulevard and scaled the fence. Reaching the pickup, which was completely engulfed in flames, he pulled out three people. The three people who were inside the truck were transported to an area hospital for treatment, one of them with life-threatening injuries. Local police are crediting Garrett with saving the lives of those people. Laguna Boulevard was shut down between Babson Lane and Haussman Drive until about 11:00 in the morning while the accident scene was investigated.

Burn Injury Accident Trauma

Burn trauma causes between 60,000 and 80,000 people to be hospitalized every year. Injuries caused by a burn injury accident are classified as degrees. The higher the number, the more serious the injury:

  • First Degree Burns: These are the least severe of burn injuries and affect only the outer layer of skin. Symptoms include pain when touched, slight swelling and skin that appears dry.
  • Second Degree Burns: This type of burn affects both layers of skin, called the epidermis and dermis. Scarring, blisters, and pain can result from a second-degree burn.
  • Third Degree Burns: Third-degree burns are deeper and not only damage the two skin layers but go into the tissues underneath. Numbness is a symptom, along with charred or white colored appearance. Permanent scarring can result, and this type of burn may require skin grafts.
  • Fourth Degree Burns: This serious injury means that the burn has damaged nerves, muscles, and ligaments. Damage may also extend into the bone. Because of nerve damage, there may be no pain present. Surgery and skin grafts may be necessary, and there is a risk of infection in some. Disability and permanent disfigurement are possible.

Liability in a Burn Injury Accident

Liability in a burn injury accident can depend on whether it was caused by a negligent individual or entity. For example, when a speeding or drunk driver strikes another vehicle, causing burn injuries, the individual driving that car may be liable for damages. A personal injury lawyer with experience in burn injury claims can help in obtaining fair compensation for the injured person.

Elk Grove Car Accident Lawyers

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