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August 04, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident on West Side Freeway Involves Semi and Box Truck 

A big rig collision in Elk Grove on August 2 sent the trucker to a hospital. The accident occurred around 4:23 a.m. along northbound I-5 just north of Lambert Road when a semi reportedly swerved after being cut off by another vehicle. As a result, the semi was struck in the rear by a box truck, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report

Trucker Suffers Minor Injury in Big Rig Collision

The semi jackknifed, exited the roadway, and struck a tree, which caused the demolished cab to overturn, although the trailer portion remained upright. The box truck driver was uninjured in the collision. The trucker driving the semi suffered minor injuries in the crash. 

Traffic Diverted to Avoid Accident Area

Although traffic lanes were not blocked by the collision, the number two lane had to be closed down for wreckers to remove the vehicles, and debris was strewn across the lanes. Area drivers were advised to avoid the area and take an alternate route along Highway 99. The CHP is investigating to determine how the accident occurred.

Jackknife Accidents

An incorrect slowdown in a big rig using the wrong brakes can result in a jackknife. It can also happen if another vehicle strikes the big rig just right or the trucker has to perform an emergency maneuver. A jackknife occurs when the cab’s speed becomes slower than the trailer being pulled.

A Jackknife Can Lead to Other Types of Big Rig Collision

During a big rig collision of this type, the trailer swings around to the side, posing a collision risk with other vehicles in the next lane, and the jackknife can block the roadway or cause the semi to experience a rollover. This type of accident can cause injuries to others, and an experienced Sacramento truck accident lawyer can help determine whether the injured party can sue for damages.

Investigating a Big Rig Collision

The best way to recover compensation after a big rig accident is to speak with a skilled lawyer who has handled such collisions before. Many people have sought compensation with our help over the years. It is crucial to collect evidence and conduct a thorough investigation. Immediately after the accident, our investigators go to the site to investigate:

  • Checking the trucker’s logbook and maintenance records is part of the investigation.
  • A review of the police report is carried out to ensure its accuracy, as well as interviews with witnesses.
  • Traffic surveillance and business cameras are checked by investigators for videotapes of the accident.
  • Reconstruction of the accident is performed.
  • A company-owned truck’s records are checked to determine whether maintenance has been provided and if previous problems have been encountered by the driver and employer.
  • The investigators look for traffic infractions, including distracted driving and speeding, that could have caused the accident.

After gathering all the evidence and information, our accident attorneys build a case for negotiations with the insurance company. The injured client can also take the case to court if the settlement isn’t sufficient. 

Elk Grove Truck Accident Lawyer

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