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Elderly Woman Killed in Elk Grove Car Accident

Elderly Woman Killed in Elk Grove Car Accident

Elderly Woman Killed in Elk Grove Car Accident

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove car accident lawyer. A woman suffered fatal injuries in a car accident on April 2, 2018, in Elk Grove. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), neither drugs or alcohol was a factor in the crash.

What Happened

The accident happened at the intersection of Vineyard and Calvine Roads at about 1:48 in the afternoon. According to the CHP, an older model Toyota, which was driven by a local woman, 57, was traveling west along Calvine Road near its intersection with Vineyard Road. At the same time, a Honda, being driven by a Sacramento woman, 35, was moving east along Calvine and waiting at the red light to make a turn onto Vineyard.

Intersection Collision

The driver of the Honda proceeded to make a left turn when the light became green. However, the driver of the Toyota ran the red light. The front end of the vehicle collided with the Honda on the passenger side, according to the CHP.

Fatality and Injuries From the Crash

A passenger, riding in the Toyota’s back seat, died as a result of the collision. She was identified as an 85-year-old woman from Elk Grove. The name of the deceased woman has not yet been made public. A male who was also riding in the Toyota suffered minor injuries and was transported to a hospital for treatment, along with the driver of the vehicle, who injured a wrist. The Honda driver was also transported to a hospital and described as having moderate injuries. There were three children in the Honda at the time of the crash who were uninjured, and family members removed them from the scene.

Reckless Drivers

Reckless driving is a serious charge. It includes such behavior as speeding, not yielding to other vehicles or pedestrians and distracted driving. It also involves not using signals when turning, driving drunk and running a stop sign or red light among others. Being reckless when driving is a negligent act. It often causes severe injuries to other motorists and pedestrians.

Passenger Rights

Passengers in a motor vehicle have the same rights as other individuals in a car accident and in some cases, even more. Since they were not driving the vehicle, they cannot be at fault in the accident. The driver, on the other hand, may have had some liability in the accident. Say, for instance, the driver of a vehicle is partly at fault for the accident. The driver will be able to collect for that portion of the accident for which he or she was not at fault. The passenger, on the other hand, can collect full damages.

Passengers Can File a Lawsuit Against Both Drivers

In a collision where both drivers are partly at fault, a passenger can file a claim against both drivers. This is a critical factor since one driver’s insurance might not cover all the damages. The other driver’s insurance can make up the difference.

Comparative Fault

Comparative fault is a legal doctrine that is used in California for assessing damage after an accident. If two drivers are involved in an accident, in many cases there is a measure of fault assigned to both. Say that the first driver was 60 percent at fault for the crash. The other driver then is 40 percent responsible. That means that the second driver can collect 60 percent of his or her damages. The first driver can collect 40 percent of their damages.

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