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Elderly Woman Injured in Roseville Robbery – Suspect Caught

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Elderly Woman Injured in Roseville Robbery – Suspect Caught

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville premises liability lawyer.  A Sacramento man was arrested on October 26 for a robbery at a Home Depot store in Roseville that sent an elderly shopper to the hospital. 

What Happened

The robbery took place at a Roseville Home Depot about 4:22 in the afternoon on October 22 at the Fairview Drive location. According to witnesses in the store, a man was seen running toward the exit with several power tools in his arms, knocking two shoppers to the ground, one said to be in her sixties and the other near 90. A car was waiting for the man and sped away. The alleged thief was later identified as Mykel Jonathan Brown, 30. Police arrested him, charging him with burglary, battery with serious injury, conspiracy, and elder abuse. Authorities have not identified the getaway driver at this time and are avidly working on that aspect of the criminal investigation. No picture of Brown has been posted due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Injured Shopper

According to the Roseville Police, the older woman was transported to a hospital due to injuries she suffered in the fall. At the time of this report, there is no word as to the nature of the woman’s injuries or if the other woman was injured.

Security in Retail Establishments

The safety of customers and employees in a retail establishment is dependent on making sure procedures and policies are in effect to maintain a safe environment. Security from violent acts or theft is part of that responsibility. In order to prevent security violations, retailers install manned security cameras and post both licensed uniformed and plain clothes guards throughout the store. Guards may also assist in escorting shoppers to their cars or patrolling the parking lot. If a store fails to meet its duty, a customer can file a claim against the store for negligent security.

What Is Negligent Security?

If adequate security measures are not used to prevent injury to a customer during a criminal act ranging from gunfire to robbery, the injured party can file a claim against the business entity for negligent security. This falls under the umbrella of premises liability.

Proving Negligent Security

Proving negligent security involves showing that the business owner failed to use appropriate measures based on the foreseeability of criminal activity. This is largely influenced by the business location, occurrence of similar acts and the foreseeability that such acts could happen again. The level of security depends largely on the type of crime. If a business owner knew or should have known about a risk of criminal activity and did not take steps to prevent it and protect customers, the business owner is at fault and liable for damages.

Damages in a Negligent Security Case

The type and extent of damages depend on the extent of injury. In some cases, a shopper may be killed, and in others, serious injury may occur. For example, a customer may fall and suffer fractures or traumatic brain injury. Likewise, a customer who dies as the result of a criminal act on the store’s premises or in an affiliated parking lot may cause financial loss to a family that depended on them. Customers may require medical or psychological care after being involved in a negligent security event. The establishment may be held responsible for medical bills and loss of time at work or a wrongful death claim.

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