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El Dorado County Car Accidents Statistics in 2019

El Dorado County Car Accidents during 2019

Most people don’t expect to be in a car accident on any given day. While it’s true that the chance you will be in an accident while heading to work or driving back from the grocery store is relatively low, collisions happen frequently, and it only takes one car crash to cause a major impact in your life. It’s impossible to know when or where a particular accident will happen, but it is possible to improve your safety by learning how car crashes tend to occur in your area. To learn more about El Dorado County car accidents, take a look at these statistics regarding recent crashes in the county.

Accidents Overview

The following data is from UC Berkeley and includes accidents in El Dorado County reported during the year of 2019. All of the reported accidents involved at least minor injuries and involved a motor vehicle. According to the data, there were 642 accidents in El Dorado County during this time. These crashes included 59 motorcycle accidents, 18 pedestrian collisions, and 17 bicycle accidents.

Altogether, these collisions caused 861 injuries as well as 29 deaths. Furthermore, around one-third (34.3 percent) of these collisions happened on a state-operated highway while the remaining two-thirds occurred on county or city roads.


The majority of injuries suffered during these crashes were visible injuries, and around 15 percent of accidents resulted in severe trauma. Just over four percent of El Dorado County crashes caused fatal injuries. Compared to nearby Nevada County, these accidents tended to be more severe. For instance, Nevada County had a fatality rate of around 2.8 percent and a severe injury rate of about 11.5 percent.

Common Types

The most common types of accidents to cause trauma in 2019 El Dorado County crashes are listed below. Each type is listed next to the number of collisions reported during that year:

  • Hit Object, 208
  • Rear End, 126
  • Broadside, 117
  • Overturned, 69
  • Head-On, 55
  • Sideswipe, 44
  • Vehicle/Pedestrian, 16


The highest concentration of 2019 El Dorado County collisions happened between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Additionally, accidents were much more common between noon and 9:00 p.m., while hours outside of this time saw a very low collision rate.

Calling an Attorney

After a car crash, survivors often face a series of difficult challenges. Recovering from an injury can take a long time and is often both mentally stressful and physically painful. Furthermore, paying for the necessary medical expenses can be a burden, especially if your injury has left you unable to do your job. In order to make sure that you are able to fully recover after being in a crash, it’s important to call a lawyer who can help you file an injury claim and obtain compensation for your losses.

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