Eclipse Glasses Injuries


Eclipse Glasses Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Eureka personal injury lawyer. A couple in South Carolina is claiming in a proposed federal class-action lawsuit that the internet company Amazon sold them and others defective eclipse-watching eyeglasses that partially blinded wearers during the historic coast-to-coast total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Corey Payne and Kayla Harris say in the suit that the eyewear Payne bought from Amazon caused the couple increased eye sensitivity, central blind spots, blurriness, and changes to their perception of colors.


Amazon instituted a recall of the defective and possibly counterfeit eclipse glasses in an email sent to customers prior to the event. Payne claims that he didn’t receive the recall message. His lawsuit aims to represent the other people who were hurt by the glasses purchased through Amazon. The alleged manufacturer of the eyewear, Tennessee-based company American Paper Optics, is not mentioned in the suit.

The Suit

The suit claims that Amazon’s recall email, sent on August 19, 2017, was tragically not enough and came too late and that the notification by email was an insufficient warning to apprise buyers of the defective product in a timely way.

The suit is seeking funds for the medical monitoring of those who used the glasses because members of the proposed class and plaintiffs already have or else will experience varying intensities of eye injuries that range from temporary discomfort all the way to permanent blindness. The lawsuit is also demanding an unspecified amount for punitive damages, monetary damages, and legal costs and fees.

Eye Damage

Eyes are very delicate and one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Eye injuries can happen from looking at an eclipse, but also in many other ways. Trauma that can result in eye injuries can be related to car accidents, sports accidents, chemical exposure, dust, and more.

If you suspect that your eyes may have been injured to to any of a myriad of causes, seeking the help of a medical professional should always be your first step.

Eye Injury Symptoms

Symptoms of eye injuries include:

  • Tearing, eyelid swelling, and redness
  • Pain, sensitivity to light
  • A persistent sensation that something is in your eye
  • Blurry vision
  • Pain associated with eye movement
  • Decreased vision, especially in the center of one’s sight.

Seeking Repayment

When individuals are injured because of the negligent actions of others, the law provides for the injured person(s) to be repaid for their damages. Damages that injured parties can seek to recover include loss of income potential, loss of quality of life, medical expenses, loss of wages, physical therapy payments, and even more.

Read more about products liability claims and the types of recompense that injured parties can obtain on the products liability page of my website.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Earth Eclipses Sun by NASA.  Public domain.

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