Ear Amputation Following Car Accident

Ear Amputation Following Car Accident

Car accidents are a reality of the road, and some of these can lead to serious traumatic injuries. Because of this, it is essential for everyone to take as many steps as they can to reduce their chances of suffering an auto accident. One of the most common reasons why people are involved in a crash is distracted driving. This can take many forms, ranging from cell phone use while driving to talking with other people who are in the car. According to some of the information that has been published by Driver Knowledge:

  • Individuals who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident.
  • When people send a text message, they take their eyes off of the road for nearly five seconds.
  • About a third of people have admitted to texting while driving.

When people text and drive, they place not only themselves but also other people who are in the car at risk. This can lead to a serious accident which could involve life-threatening injuries.

A Case Report: Ear Amputation in a Car Accident

A case report was published describing an individual who suffered an amputation of the ear in a car accident. He was driving down the road when the traffic conditions changed suddenly. He was involved in a high-speed auto accident, and his car was significantly damaged. Debris flew through the car and led to multiple penetrating injuries. Some of this shrapnel cut his ear, which led to an amputation. Emergency personnel was contacted and arrived on the scene to assess the injuries. The individual was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.

Treatment Options for Ear Amputations

When someone has suffered a severe amputation, particularly an amputation of the ear, it is vital to receive medical care quickly. In some cases, if the limb is attached early, it may still be viable. This means that people can have their limb reattached with the potential to regain some function. It takes an experienced surgeon to reconnect all the individual parts. After the surgery, physical therapy is typically needed to help people restore some function.

Watch YouTube Video: Implant-Retained Auricular (Ear) Prosthesis. The short video below shows a patient who received an ear prosthesis following a traumatic ear amputation in a car accident.

Contacting a Personal Injury Law Firm

When a loved one suffers a serious injury in a car accident, particularly one that involves an amputation, it is normal for them to have questions. This is an unusual situation that no family ever wants to find themselves in and everyone should have all of the information available before making a decision. Some of these questions might include:

  • Can I recover compensation for my injuries if it was due to the negligence of someone else?
  • Can my current and future wage loss and current and future medical bills be paid for by the negligent party?
  • Has the accident been investigated thoroughly by a trained professional?
  • Can I recover compensation for the pain and suffering I’ve suffered as a result of my accident?

Every family deserves to have their questions answered. For help with this, be sure to reach out and speak with an experienced car accident injury lawyer in Sacramento. A trained lawyer can walk a family through this tough situation.

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