DUI Accidents in Fairfield

 DUI Accidents in Fairfield

DUI Accidents in Fairfield

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield car accident lawyer. Fairfield is one of Solano county’s largest cities and serves as the county seat as well as the Bay Area’s main gateway to the Sacramento Valley. As such, the city sees a large amount of vehicle traffic every day. Unfortunately, where traffic can be found, reckless drivers can usually be found as well. One such reckless driving habit that remains a significant threat to pedestrians and motorists alike is driving under the influence. DUI collisions affect roadways all over the nation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that nearly one-third of fatal auto accidents are caused by intoxicated motorists.

Fairfield is no exception. Some key statistics regarding DUI accidents in Fairfield are included below.


In the ten years between January 1, 2007, and December 31, 2016, Fairfield saw 507 injury-related DUI crashes within city limits. 24 of these accidents caused fatalities, 75 caused serious injuries, 183 caused non-severe visible injuries, and 225 caused injuries marked by complaints of pain from involved individuals.

46 of these DUI collisions involved pedestrians, 23 involved cyclists, 21 involved motorcycles, and 182 (around 35 percent) occurred on a state-operated highway inside of the city.


Perhaps the most striking statistics regarding DUI in Fairfield is the disparity between the percentage of DUI and non-DUI accidents that result in death. During the time period in question, only .73 of Fairfield’s accidents not involving intoxicated drivers left people with fatal injuries while 4.73 percent of collisions involving DUI were fatal. This shows that, in Fairfield, DUI accidents have been shown to be more than six times as likely to cause a fatality injury.

The data for serious injuries tell a similar story, with DUI crashes causing more than four times as many severe and life-threatening injuries than other accidents. The conclusion these numbers reveal is clear: drinking and driving greatly increases the risk of catastrophic or fatal trauma.

Collision Type

The most common type of collision caused by DUI drivers in Fairfield was rear-end crashes, which accounted for 28.4 percent of DUI injury accidents. The next most common type was hit-object accidents, which accounted for 25.84 percent.

The most common type of injury collision for non-DUI was also rear-end accidents while hit-object accidents were less common when alcohol was not involved.

DUI Locations

Locations at which DUI accidents have frequently caused injuries in Fairfield include:

  • West Texas Street at Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Beck Avenue at West Texas Street
  • West Texas Street near Gregory Lane
  • The Chadbourne Road Junction on I-80
  • The Waterman Boulevard Junction on I-80
  • Air Base Parkway at Heath Drive

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