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April 29, 2019
Edward Smith

Woman Walks Again After Accident Involving Drunk Driving

Drunk driving continues to be a serious problem. After being struck by a drunk driver while riding her longboard, a young lady was told that she would never walk again. Furthermore, most of the medical professionals were shocked that she was even alive. Shockingly, not only did she survive the accident, but she is walking again as well.

About a year ago, a serious accident took place in Citrus Heights, California. As this lady was riding her longboard, a driver approached her at high speeds from behind. The driver, who was under the influence of alcohol at the time, collided with her from behind. This young lady went straight through the windshield of the car. Then, just as quickly, the driver sped off, with her bleeding into her front seat. Fortunately, she received medical care. Despite the grim prognosis, she never gave up.

A Remarkable Recovery After a Drunk Driving Accident

In many cases, the injuries that this young lady sustained would have been fatal. Doctors were shocked that she was breathing. After undergoing numerous tests and realizing that her legs were broken and damaged in multiple places, doctors even thought she might have to have them amputated.

For an elite athlete such as this young lady, that simply wasn’t an option. She had spent her life growing up on bikes, skis, and longboards, such as the one she was riding that night. With intense physical therapy, her recovery began to take shape. Her therapists and medical professionals marveled at her persistence. She beat all of the estimates for her recovery and was able to return home to Reno months ahead of schedule.

The Long Road Ahead: Walking Again

While she has made significant progress to get to this point, she still has a long road ahead. Remarkably, after being told that she might have her legs amputated, she is walking again. Unfortunately, her legs are still exceptionally frail. She has a rod in her right leg that is holding the bones of her leg together such as the femur, tibia, and fibula. The nerves in both of her legs are so badly damaged that they need to regenerate. She has also suffered multiple infections during her recovery, placing her at risk of sepsis. As she continues to push, it will be exciting to see where her recovery goes.

Help from an Injury Lawyer

This lady has been fortunate to have the support of so many during her journey. Nobody should be left to fend for themselves after such a catastrophic accident, which is where a car accident lawyer in Sacramento can be helpful. A professional attorney can help families:

  • Seek damages related to their injuries which can be used to help pay for medical care
  • Review the circumstances of the accident to make sure that nothing has been missed
  • Shift a case to trial when needed

Everyone needs help during such a difficult time. Speak with a Sacramento car accident lawyer today. You can be entitled to financial compensation.

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