Drunk Driving Accident Seriously Injures Three Near Riverbank

Three Seriously Injured in Riverbank Accident

An Oakdale woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after allegedly causing a car accident near Riverbank that left three parties seriously injured on July 30, 2018.

Details on the Car Accident in Riverbank That Left Three Seriously Injured

At approximately 6:25 in the evening, a 24-year-old Oakdale woman was driving her 2013 Chrysler eastbound along Highway 108 in the vicinity of Skittone Road. For unknown reasons, the Chrysler driver allowed her vehicle to veer into the oncoming traffic lanes where the driver of an oncoming 1996 Jeep was unable to react in time. This resulted in a head-on collision which caused serious injuries to the Jeep driver, Chrysler driver and a 6-year-old passenger of the Chrysler.

Drunk Driving Accidents

A drunk driving accident is considered as any traffic collision resulting from driving behavior altered by alcohol consumption. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 10,497 fatalities attributed to these types of car accidents in 2016. This averaged one fatality every 50 minutes and represented 28 percent of all traffic deaths in the country. The numbers included motorcycles with 25 percent, passenger vehicles with 21 percent, light trucks with 20 percent and big rigs with 2 percent.

Injuries Commonly Seen in Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is a significant concern on the road as it is responsible for thousands of collisions every year. Following are the types of injuries commonly seen in drunk driving accidents:

  • Brain Injury: These are among the most severe types of injuries sustained in a car accident. High-speed collisions may cause motorists and passengers to strike their heads against windows, dashboards or steering wheels. Some of the resulting brain injuries may include a concussion, traumatic brain injury, skull fracture,¬†internal bleeding or lacerations. All of which may have the need for surgery to correct the complication;
  • Chest Trauma: Drunk driving accidents can cause blunt force trauma to the chest area, which may result in collapsed lungs or broken ribs. In some extreme cases, those with heart conditions may undergo traumatic cardiac arrest following a collision. Damage to the abdomen, pelvis and internal organs may also occur after an accident and can lead to the immediate need for medical treatment;
  • Lower Extremity Injury: Side-impact collisions can cause injury to the legs and knee, which can result in shattered knees, bone fractures, and torn ligaments. Any of these can cause long-term issues and even lead to permanent complications;
  • Spinal Cord Injury: There are two types of this injury, complete and incomplete. In a complete injury, there is no voluntary movement and lack of sensation below the area where the trauma occurred. In an incomplete injury, there is some movement and function below the location of damage.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

The consequences of a drunk driving accident can be severe and life-changing. These accidents can create mounting medical bills, missed time at work, and other related expenses to those affected. If this situation applies to you or a family member, it is vital to know that there may be assistance available by contacting a skilled personal injury lawyer in Modesto. An attorney with years of experience understands the best interests of an injured party in getting back on their feet and preparing a strong case on their behalf to obtain the compensation they rightfully deserve for damages incurred.

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