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Drowsy Driver Crashes into Modesto Home

Drowsy Driver Crashes into Modesto Home

Drowsy Driver Crashes into Modesto Home

Drowsy Driver Crashes into Modesto Home

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto Auto Accident Attorney. A child’s home is often their safe place. No one likes to think of the possibility of their child being hit by a car, especially in their own home. Thankfully, for one Modesto family, their daughter wasn’t home when the unthinkable happened.

What Happened?

On Friday, October 7, 2016, Torrey Kannon was enjoying an afternoon alone at his Sunland Way home in Modesto. All of a sudden Kannon heard a very loud crash sound and went outside to investigate. That’s when he saw a Kia crashed into the front of his home. The vehicle hit the residence with such a powerful force, that when the car finally came to a stop, it was several feet into Kannon’s stepdaughter’s room. The bed belonging to the little girl was struck due to the impact. Everyone has been thinking of what might have been if Kannon’s stepdaughter would have been home that afternoon. Everyone is relieved this crash did not result in loss of life.

Watch Youtube Video Car Crashes Into East Modesto Home:

Drowsy Driving

The driver of the Kia was a Modesto woman who lives in the same neighborhood. She told police that she thinks she fell asleep behind the wheel while traveling on Fairbairn Drive, which crosses Sunland Way. The driver indicated she doesn’t have any memory of the crash. She told police all she could recall was driving and then waking up from the impact of the vehicle crashing into the Sunland Way home.

Were there injuries?

The driver of the Kia was evaluated on the scene by paramedics.  She was not transported to the hospital.

Residence Hit By Car a Rental

The Kannon family rent the home that was damaged as a result of the crash and have been in touch with their landlord. Their immediate concern was whether or not they would become displaced during the repair process.

Tips to Reduce Drowsy Driving

As motorists, it is our responsibility to be safe while we are behind the wheel of a car or truck. Driving drowsy can put yourself and everyone in your path at risk. Here are some safety tips to consider before you hit the road.

  • Schedule your driving time for when you are well-rested.
  •  If you are drowsy before you need to drive, have a friend or family member drive you, or use public transportation.
  •  If you’re feeling sleepy and you know you have to drive somewhere soon, take a quick power nap. Even a 20-minute nap can leave you feeling refreshed.
  •  Make sure you’re getting a proper amount of sleep every night. Good quality sleep is vital to your health.

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