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May 01, 2019
Edward Smith

Driving Tips for New and Young Drivers 

Young age, especially the teens, can be a tumultuous time. It becomes even more thrilling when you pass that driving test and finally get behind the wheel. The world appreciates and respects the driving skills of young men and women.

But did you know that while young drivers account for a smaller percentage when compared to older drivers (25 years and above), their numbers alarmingly double when it comes to those involved in road accidents?

Here are five simple tips to safeguard yourself and others on the road, as a young driver.

  1. Hold that Swagger

Youngblood can make you resilient, which is great. It can also lure you into foolish flamboyance, where you feel inclined to “show off” your clever driving skills. But on a bad day, this can have fatal consequences. (Think “death,” especially of your co-passengers and others on the road!)

So, the next time you feel tempted to skip that seatbelt to cuddle with your partner, think again. When you are about to answer your phone while driving, take a pause and think.

When you feel you can handle that (single) drink you have had and walk towards the driver’s seat, think again. When it comes to driving, it is truly better to be boringly safe than deadly sorry!

  1. Don’t Succumb to Peer Pressure

Peer acceptance can be a fundamental driving factor for many youths. But here is a key secret that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your life: self-acceptance is even more precious!

As a young driver, you may find yourself in situations where your friends and people in your inner circle encourage you to push beyond your “drive-safe” limits. If you can stay strong and responsible, even when the people around you don’t appreciate it, you will undeniably live to see a better day.

This also applies to situations where you feel vulnerable to road rage, triggered by an irresponsible driver. Breathe deep, calm down, and simply move on. They aren’t worth risking your life.

  1. Respect the Speed Limits

Speed limits can seem cumbersome, especially when you have an empty road and a car that just begs to let loose. Here, you should know that speed limits are carefully designed after several considerations, to protect you from your own as well as others’ mistakes.

For instance, your car may need mere seconds to move from zero to 80 miles per hour. But it still needs a whopping 400 feet to brake to zero and double that space when the road is wet. That is a distance covering two football fields, a luxury you may not always have while driving.

As the eminent academician, Douglas Horton wisely said, “Drive slow and enjoy the scenery; drive fast and join the scenery.”

  1. Listen to your Body/ Mind

Regardless of the rules, there are times when your body/mind are not feeling their best and subtly warn you from driving. (Example: when you are high on stimulants or feeling sleep deprived.)

These are times when you absolutely need to listen to yourself. You can even attribute it to a “sixth sense” and feel good about it!

  1. Value your Car

Your car may not be expensive or stylish. But it still gets you from point A to point B faster and with more comfort than your legs, or even that fantastic bicycle that now has lights on it but that is another topic.

If you value your car and maintain it well, it may seem to be a bothersome or even ‘un-cool’ activity, but you will be safe, comfortable, and vibrantly alive.

Watch YouTube Video: Teen Driver Safety Advice. This animated video explains the three main causes of car accidents, how to avoid them and stay safe on the road.

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