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Driver Suffers Severe Injuries in Antelope Underride Accident

Pickup Driven by PG&E Driver Slides Under Tractor-Trailer on I-80

The driver of a PG&E pickup suffered severe injuries on March 25 when the vehicle was involved in an underride accident with a tractor-trailer in Antelope. The accident happened along westbound Interstate 80 near the Antelope truck scales at about 8:45 in the morning, as reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The front of the pickup slid underneath the semi’s trailer, which caused extensive damage and resulted in severe injuries to the light truck driver. The driver is expected to recover. Neither alcohol nor drugs are thought to have contributed to the accident. It is being investigated by the CHP to find out how and why the accident occurred.

Underride Accidents

When a passenger car or a light truck hits the rear or sides of a big rig, the smaller vehicle will slide underneath the tractor-trailer. This is called an underride accident. When this type of accident happens, the front end and the roof of the small vehicle will crush in on the occupants, causing severe injuries. Side impact accidents are more common and are often associated with fatalities. In 2016, 295 people died due to underride accidents. 

Reasons for Underride Accidents

Rear underride accidents are frequently caused by a distracted driver who is unaware that a tractor-trailer has slowed down or stopped. Side underride accidents, on the other hand, often happen at night. This occurs when the driver of a passenger vehicle is unable to see a truck due to an absence of reflectors or lights on the sides and rear of the big rig. Truck drivers and owners are obligated to make the sides and rear of the truck visible with the application of reflectors and/or lights, however, many do not adhere to this mandate. 

Preventable Accidents

Underride accidents are preventable, yet they continue to happen. The main reason for this is the lack of proper underride guards on trucks, despite a 1996 mandate to install them. The guards consist of steel bars that hang from the rear of the truck, preventing another vehicle from sliding underneath. Approximately 20 percent of all trucks lack underride guards, and until recently, most of the guards were unable to pass collision tests. Another problem exists with aging underride guards that no longer provide sufficient strength to prevent an accident, leading to severe injuries. 

The Ways Our Firm Investigates an Accident With Severe Injuries

Truck accidents, because of the complexity of the areas of possible negligence, require the help of an experienced lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. We begin by sending our investigators to the crash site to gather evidence that will support your claim. They talk to witnesses and review the police report for errors. The investigators also look for cameras mounted at businesses and traffic lights to see if the accident was caught on film. 

Additionally, the investigators perform accident reconstruction. This shows the original position of the vehicles and how the collision occurred. When the evidence has been collected, it is given over to our lawyers to build a strong case that benefits our client. It is useful both in preparing a court case and in dealing with the insurance company on the client’s behalf. 

Antelope Truck Accident Lawyer

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