Driver Safety Concerns in California Studied in Statewide Poll

Driver Safety Concerns in California Studied in Statewide Poll

Driver Safety Concerns in California Studied in Statewide Poll

I’m Ed Smith, an Orangevale personal injury lawyer. Motor vehicle fatalities went down in 2017 from the previous year from 3,680 to 3,564. Because 94 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by driver error, learning how to avoid these mistakes can improve a motorist’s chance of getting to their destination safely. In addition to driver error, there are also other concerns by California motorists about threats to their safety while on the road. Let’s look at some of the concerns motorists have when they take to the road.

Driving Safely in California

The National Safety Council conducted a poll last year, looking for the areas of safety that concerned drivers. The answers were not surprising. There are almost 27 million drivers throughout the state of California, which raises the risk of a crash. The main concerns of those individuals who responded to the NSC study are as follows:

  • Drunk drivers were the biggest concern of Californians at 78 percent.
  • Distracted driving came in at a close 74 percent as a major concern with Californians. Distractions include talking or texting on a cell phone, changing the station on the radio and even drinking or eating in the vehicle while driving.
  • Those who were using drugs were cited by 67 percent of the responders as a concern. Usage included not only illegal drugs but also prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Aggressive drivers were a concern for 65 percent of the poll takers. Aggressive driving is exhibited by those who tailgate, switch lanes back and forth, run stop signs and red lights and other similar behaviors.
  • Speeding, although it is common, was only a problem with 59 percent of the poll takers, even though excessive speed increases the likelihood of a collision and can cause more serious injuries and more fatalities.
  • Road rage is an increasing problem along the nation’s roads and was cited by 53 percent of the respondents as an area of concern. Because road rage involves anger on the part of a driver, it can result in physical altercations, forcing another driver off the road and other angrier behaviors.
  • Drowsy driving was a concern with 52 percent of the poll takers. Fatigue may be caused by lack of sleep, driving too long or shift work, which alters a driver’s rest cycle.
  • Teen drivers were a concern to 41 percent of the respondents to the NSC poll. This is because young drivers are inexperienced and can engage in reckless behavior.

Additional Concerns Motorists Face

Not all of the concerns of motorists who answered the poll had to do with driver behavior. These additional concerns were:

  • Driving in dangerous weather conditions was cited by 44 percent as potential dangers. Rain, snow, and fog, because they affect visibility and make the roads slippery, causing accidents. This is particularly true if the vehicle does not handle well in bad weather conditions, or drivers do not take extra precautions such as slowing down.
  • Driverless vehicles were a concern of 36 percent of those who answered the poll questions.
  • Road defects and poor maintenance were cited by 30 percent of respondents as a problem.

Recovering Compensation After an Accident

Negligence is the major cause of motor vehicle accidents in California. When an accident caused by someone’s negligence results in injuries, medical bills, lost income from work and other expenses can pile up fast. An experienced injury lawyer can help by explaining what options an injured person has and by building a strong case for compensation.

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