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Driver Hospitalized Following Redding Auto Accident

Driver Hospitalized After Redding Car Accident

On Friday, October 9, 2020, one person was hurt during a Redding auto accident. The crash happened on the southeastern side of the city and, according to the Redding Police Department (RPD), involved two passenger vehicles. While one person was hospitalized in relation to the accident, details about their injuries were unavailable. Additionally, RPD is still investigating the possible causes of this accident.

Crash Details

RPD indicated that the accident occurred at around 2:35 p.m. on Cypress Avenue at the intersection of Reservoir Lane. A small red station wagon was driving eastbound on Cypress while another vehicle was turning onto the same street from Reservoir Lane. While the second vehicle was completing its turn, it crashed head-on into the driver’s side of the station wagon. Photos of the station wagon show that the crash caused major damage to the vehicle.


The accident was reported to police, and RPD immediately dispatched a team of emergency officials to the scene. When they reached the site, they discovered that the station wagon driver was trapped inside of the wrecked vehicle. Firefighters used heavy machinery in order to extricate the trapped driver. After extrication, the driver was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment and injury screening.

The driver was reportedly the only occupant of the station wagon. None of the three occupants of the second vehicle were reported to have been injured in the crash.

Investigation of Redding Auto Accident

Cypress Avenue was closed for around 45 minutes while police conducted emergency response and preliminary crash site investigations. So far, police involved with the investigation have not indicated any likely causal factors. Crashes involving multiple cars can be complex and often have more than one cause. Furthermore, many car accident causes are non-driver factors. These are things that motorists aren’t able to control, like issues with car parts or hazards in the road.

Common Redding Car Accident Injuries

There are many different types of injuries that accident survivors can sustain. Many of these can be serious, including common injuries like:

In many cases, these injuries can have a long recovery period and require extensive medical care. Unfortunately, the necessary medical treatments can be expensive. For this reason, many crash survivors worry about affording the care they need.

Getting Help

Thankfully, it is possible for crash survivors to seek help, and many are able to claim compensation for the full amount of damages that they suffered during an accident. By holding negligent parties responsible via a personal injury claim, it’s often possible to claim payment for not only medical expenses, but other damages like lost wages, personal suffering, damaged property, and more.

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