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Driver Hits Skateboarding Student

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November 14, 2016
Edward Smith

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Driver Hits Skateboarding Student

I’m Ed Smith, a hit and run injury attorney. A Del Campo High School student was seriously injured in a hit and run skateboarding accident. The boy’s parents are requesting that the driver of the vehicle please come forward.

What Happened?

A Del Campo High School student was skateboarding over to the greatly anticipated playoff game against East Union High when an SUV or truck suddenly struck him from behind. The young man was knocked off his skateboard and ended up in the intensive care unit with traumatic injuries. The impact of the crash caused the fleeing vehicle to lose a side mirror.

The parents are deeply troubled and cannot comprehend how someone could have the audacity to hit a child and drive away without rendering assistance or calling for help.

Neighbors Say Speeding is a Big Problem in the Area

Neighbors who reside along Dewey Drive believe that speed is a major issue through their area.

“It’s only 25 mph, but people go 50 to 60 mph out here,” inidicated Elizabeth Holt. Holt resides in a home down from where the student was seriously injured. It was about 6:30 p.m. when the accident occured. Holt wonders if the driver didn’t see the teen on the skateboard.

Holt told the media that recently, a motorist hit and killed a dog and did not stop. Residents in the vicinity of the hit and run crash are looking through their surveillance video to see if it will turn up the identity of the hit and run driver. They hope to help bring the responsible party to justice.

How is the Injured Student?

The boy had surgery and is said to have suffered a fractured rib and a punctured lung.

The teen’s father is grateful the injuries weren’t any worse. He indicated that no one should have to go through such a tragic event. He said it is very hard to see your child like this and not be able to do much. He hopes the driver will come forward and turn him or herself in to authorities. He wonders if texting while driving or drunk driving had anything to do with this incident.

Evidence Left at the Scene  

A side mirror was found in the vicinity of the hit and run collision and given to the California Highway Patrol as evidence. Investigators said it came off of a 2000’s model Ford SUV or truck.

If you have any information that could help the family of the injured teen in their effort to bring this person to justice, please contact the California Highway Patrol at (916) 681-2300.

Insurance Coverage

Even when someone is injured by a driver that flees the scene of an accident, as long as the victim or someone in his or her residence has uninsured motorist coverage, the victim will usually be covered by that insurance policy. For more information, contact an experienced hit and run injury lawyer.

We send our best wishes for a full recovery to the injured teen and his family as he begins the rehabilitation process.

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