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Dream Driving: Lulling your Baby to Sleep

Go to Sleep!

It is no secret- babies are often lulled to sleep while riding in a vehicle.  Many times, a desperate parent has strapped a crying baby into the car seat in order to drive around aimlessly with the goal of a nap.  Then, once the child has drifted off, the parent may be hesitant to wake the child while exiting the vehicle, and instead may relax in the driveway or a parking lot for an hour, perhaps reading a book, or just enjoying the silence and the possibility of a better mood after the baby wakes.  This automobile-based phenomenon of lulling your baby to sleep even has a name: Dream Driving.

Electric Vehicle Shortcomings

Parents who opted for an electric vehicle have found that the car nap is not as easy to achieve as it was in a vehicle with a standard oil engine.  This is thought to be because it is not just the motion of the vehicle that relaxes the baby, but the combination of the movement and the sounds made by a combustion engine that creates the calming environment.  

Art to the Rescue

Now, sound designer Tom Middleton has created a lullaby that mimics those traditional car noises for owners of electric vehicles to play while doing the Dream Drive. The album consists of five tracks and includes sounds such as turn signals, keys jangling, braking, and acceleration noises. These effects mix with a white noise background to create what Mr. Middleton calls a “hypnotic soundscape.”

Nissan, whose electric vehicle model Leaf was used in the experiment, estimates that Dream Drives last on average 20-25 minutes, and cover about five miles.  Nissan points to the gas savings that such a drive taken in the Leaf would result in, not to mention the reduced carbon emissions.

The lullaby is called Dream Drive.  It is available for free on various musical platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Itunes.

Watch the YouTube: Nissan LEAF Dream Drive – The Zero-Emission Lullaby (Continuous Mix).  Try not to fall asleep as you listen to the calming tones on the video.

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