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February 22, 2021
Edward Smith

Rio Linda Boulevard Accident Claims Life of Motorcyclist and Uber Driver

A double fatality accident occurred in the Del Paso Heights area of North Sacramento on February 19 when an Uber ride-share vehicle and motorcycle collided at a local intersection. The Del Paso Heights accident happened shortly before 8:30 at night at Rio Linda Boulevard, where it intersects with South Avenue. According to a report by the Sacramento Police Department, law enforcement and first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to find the male motorcyclist had expired at the accident site. 

Double Fatality Accident Under Investigation

Although the driver of the Uber ride-share vehicle was transported by responders to a nearby hospital, he died there later. The Major Collisions Investigation Unit of the Sacramento Police Department is conducting an investigation into the double fatality accident to determine how it occurred.

Wrongful Death in a Fatality Accident

When an accident claims a loved one’s life, it not only deprives the family of someone they love but can cause them financial stress in addition. If negligence caused the fatality, they may be able to place a wrongful death claim. No, it doesn’t help with the grief and sorrow they feel, however, it can help them avoid the financial repercussions and bring a sense of closure and justice for that loss. My law firm has successfully handled many wrongful death claims over the years and would be honored to provide the assistance you need.

Offering Support After a Death

When someone dies in an accident, the family members go through a range of emotions from shock and grief to wondering if they could have prevented it and why it had to happen to their loved one. Having the support of other family members and friends is important in this trying time to help them get through this ordeal. However, not everyone knows how to be supportive. The following suggestions might help:

  • Call or visit if it is permitted. Offering a sympathetic ear to someone who is grieving can be a comfort, and talking about their loved one helps them go through this stage.
  • Send over prepared food, whether homemade or ordered from a restaurant. Those who have recently lost a loved one often ignore the need for sustenance, which can help give them the strength to get through such a trying time.
  • At the home, pitch in to help with household tasks. This can include lawn mowing, washing dishes, or running the vacuum. With people coming to express their sympathy to the family, they don’t need extra tasks to perform.
  • Offer to chauffeur children to and from school, pick up prescriptions, or grocery shop. 
  • Make a donation in the decedent’s name to one of their favorite charities or send flowers to the home or funeral service.
  • Don’t disappear once the funeral is over. Keep in touch, help out when possible and be there for the family. 

Investigation of a Traffic Crash

Our investigators are experienced in finding the cause of a fatal accident. Among other areas where a search is conducted, they:

  • They check for mistakes in the police report.
  • The investigators interview any witnesses to the fatal crash. In some cases, a film of the incident has been taped on someone’s cell phone.
  • They perform accident reconstruction, which details how the fatal collision occurred and often points to fault.
  • Investigators look for roadway and traffic surveillance cameras, which may have caught the accident on video.
  • They check for signs of government negligence such as poor lighting, potholes, bad ramp design, and others.

Once the evidence is compiled, our injury lawyers use it to construct a robust case that benefits our client’s wrongful death claim.

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