Dog Attack at American River Parkway

Dog Attack at American River Parkway

Dog Attack at American River Parkway

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer. As the weather continues to get better, we all want to enjoy the sunshine and spend time outside. Biking, walking, and running are great ways to exercise and the American River Trail is the perfect place but it is important to always be on your guard for a dog attack. Let’s take a look at an incident that happened just this last Sunday on the American River parkway.

What Happened

A dog owner and bike rider were talking along the path just west of Cal Expo on Sunday afternoon. Something startled the dog as it then randomly attacked the bike rider biting the man on the leg and in the face. The dog was leashed at the time of the incident and has been taken to the Animal Control shelter in Sacramento County.

According to the County Rangers, the dog’s breed has yet to be confirmed. The man was treated at the scene by the fire department and later received further treatment. Although this dog was leashed, at least 6 people are given a citation every month for not leashing their animals, this doesn’t include warnings given to a majority of first-time offenders.

During an Attack

Dog attacks can be traumatic experiences and lead to bicycle accidents, facial fractures, facial scarring, and other traumatic injuries. Here are a few tips to decrease the potential damage that can occur when you are attacked by a larger dog.

  1. Raise your knees as high as possible to keep them in front of you and protect your face. Dogs can attack anywhere on your body but mostly go for the face and neck.
  2. Tuck your head underneath your folded arms and roll into a ball. Lay as still as you can because fighting back can increase the risk of bodily harm during an attack.
  3. If you are not positive that you can outrun a dog, do not run away. This is seen as a challenge and the dog will follow.
  4. Do not talk to a dog unless you are shouting firm short commands or yelling for help.

After an Attack

There are important things to do after a dog bite.

  1. Stop the flow of blood from any injuries and immediately wash open wounds with soap and warm water.
  2. Seek medical attention immediately following the attack.
  3. Report the attack to the animal control agency. Report everything you know about the dog including breed, size, estimated weight, and color. If available, give the owner’s information as well.
  4. Contact your Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer for further advice and information.

If you witness a dog attack, call 911 immediately.

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