Do Not Snapchat While Driving

Do Not Snapchat While Driving

Do Not Snapchat While Driving

Do Not Snapchat While Driving

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto personal injury lawyer. Social media gives users an easy way to keep up with our friends and family members. You can post a plethora of videos or photos informing people what you are doing,  where you are and who you are hanging out with — all with a few easy taps on your cellphone. While applications such as Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook continue to attract a multitude of new users, they are quickly bringing attention to their contribution to poor driving behavior known as distracted driving. Snapchat in particular has raised a lot of concern. The app has fast become the focus of multiple recent lawsuits. The lawsuits have alleged that the Snapchat app is responsible for increased distracted driving behavior that has resulted in serious injuries due to car accidents, particularly among our younger drivers.

Watch Youtube Video – Lawsuit Blames Snapchat’s “Speed Filter” for a Georgia Crash. Warning the video may be too graphic for some viewers.

The personal injury attorneys at the Edward A Smith Law Offices know all to well the heartache and devastating injuries that distracted driving collisions involving young drivers can cause. While sending video and pictures via a cellphone may seem like innocent fun, the ugly truth is that if your teenager is using Snapchat while driving a motor vehicle, the teen is endangering himself or herself, as well as other motorists. This egregious driving behavior puts all of us at risk for a catastrophic accidents , which may include fatalities.

What Is Snapchat Anyway?

For those who may not be aware of it, Snapchat is a popular application that is used to send and receive text messages, photographs and videos, via Smartphones.

Snapchat has more than 100 million people using its service, according to a report by Bloomberg Technology. Over 9,000 ‘snaps’ (photos) are shared every 60 seconds on Snapchat. The application enjoys the largest popularity among teen users. Teenagers report that they appreciate the fact that their shared images disappear within a short amount of time.

More Enjoyment of Snapchat

Like any users of the various types of social media, Snapchat enthusiasts tend to check in frequently with the mobile application for recent activity. Sadly, for some teens, such social media activity consists of taking and sending a multitude of pictures and video snaps while driving down the roadway. According to a study by Edmunds on social application use while driving, Snapchat is ahead of the pack for most popular mobile apps used by teen drivers. More than a third of the teens surveyed freely admitted that they had operated a motor vehicle while using the Snapchat application on their cellphone.

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