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October 09, 2019
Edward Smith

Dixon Woman Identified Following Fatal Train Accident

The identity of a Dixon woman who lost her life in an area train accident was released by authorities on Thursday, October 3, 2019. The woman was identified by officials of the Solano County Sheriff’s Department as 54-year-old Cynthia Giambrone. According to reports, Giambrone was the only individual who was injured during the incident. Additionally, the collision is being investigated by the Union Pacific and Amtrak Police Departments.

Accident Information

According to reports from the Dixon Police Department (DPD), the accident was reported at approximately 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Police were notified by a phone call that a pedestrian was struck by an Amtrak train in Central Dixon near the public library. Giambrone had reportedly been walking on North First Street between West F and East C streets when the collision took place.

DPD immediately called for emergency responders to be sent to the scene of the accident. When they arrived, officers found Giambrone with critical injuries. She was tragically declared deceased by medics at the collision location.

According to reports, police blocked the roadway at the corner of C and First streets while emergency response and preliminary investigations were underway. Capitol Corridor indicated that passengers on the train were delayed for an hour before being transferred to another vehicle.

Train Accidents

The number of injuries and deaths caused by train collisions has decreased over recent years, but there are still a significant number of train-related casualties every year. These accidents can happen for a number of reasons, and in many cases, the collision is partly caused by railroad company negligence.

There are a number of laws in California that railroads need to follow to ensure the safety of their operations, and if any of these are violated, the families of decedents may be able to claim compensation for the damages they have suffered. Because decedents are often unable to offer testimony to investigators, it is crucial to have an attorney who can investigate the accident and find out whether or not any negligence may have been involved.

How Do I Find the Right Lawyer?

Losing a loved one is a very difficult thing to endure. After a fatal accident, families can be devastated and many people find it hard to deal with the normal demands of their lives. This emotional hardship often keeps people from getting legal help because they are unsure of how to find an attorney they can trust with their case. Thankfully, finding a skilled, compassionate lawyer is easy if you know how to look for one. I encourage you to watch this video about how you and your family can get in touch with an experienced lawyer who will handle your case effectively:

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