Dixon Revisits Traffic Safety Proposal

Dixon Revisits Traffic Safety Proposal

Dixon Revisits Safety Proposal

I’m Ed Smith, a Dixon personal injury lawyer. The city of Dixon was scheduled to decide on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, how to proceed with increasing driver awareness at certain intersections in the city. The proposal’s stated intent was to reduce the number of accidents at critical locations to lower the rate of serious accident injuries in the town.

The Proposal

The proposal submitted to Dixon City Council was initially approved on Tuesday, January 11, 2018, and provided that stop signs equipped with solar-powered flashing LEDs would be installed at important intersections along H, A, Lincoln, and Almond Streets, Stratford Avenue, as well as directly adjacent to city schools or parks.

A team of investigators was tasked with determining which intersections were most in need of improved signage due to the steep cost of installing the signs, which are estimated to cost around $2,000 each with installation costs totaling over $7,000 per intersection. Staff determined which intersections needed improvement using field observations of drivers running stop signs, reports of low-sign visibility, and collision history information.


Notably, the Dixon Transportation Advisory Commision was not in favor of installing the signs due to maintenance costs. They feel that DUI or distracted drivers might still ignore the signs and the possibility that flashing lights might be a nuisance to area residents.

One planning commissioner, Don Ritchey, noted that cameras installed at the Almond and A street intersection had drastically reduced stop-sign runners, but that drivers still drove recklessly once they were out of the camera’s view.

An Alternative

Due to research showing that solar LED beacons placed on top of existing stop signs may be as useful and cost less than the originally planned LED signs, the city council was scheduled to consider amending the budget to switch from the signs to the beacons.

City staff reportedly recommended the switch, citing several reasons. Their reasons included the following:

  • A system separated from the signs themselves would reduce future maintenance costs
  • Embedded lights make it more difficult to read letters on stop signs, whereas beacons allow easy sign-reading
  • The beacons include light-shields that direct the LED light toward the roadway, thereby minimizing light pollution for nearby residents
  • The beacons are small and can be more easily installed and removed

Additionally, the council had previously requested that in-roadway pedestrian crossing signals be included in the traffic safety plan along with stop-sign improvements.

Staying Safe

While lack of adequate signage and poor roadway design are often the primary causal factor in auto accidents, motorists can still reduce their risk of being seriously injured in a collision without the addition of roadway safety features.

While driving, it is essential to keep your full focus on the roadway. Even mall distractions like eating food, adjusting a radio, or checking on a pet in the backseat can, and often do, result in accidents causing severe and even fatal injuries. Motorists are also able to improve roadway safety by ensuring that their vehicles are in good working condition. Drivers should make sure that their cars are routinely checked for defects and always make sure to keep their vehicle properly maintained.

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