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Dixon Drunk Driving Crash

Dixon Drunk Driving Crash

Dixon Drunk Driving Crash

Dixon Drunk Driving Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Dixon auto accident attorney. Some of the most devastating injuries I see in my law office involve drunk driving accidents. Sometimes a drunk driver will cause the wrongful death of an innocent victim. Recently in Dixon, a woman drove her vehicle through the front entrance of a 7-11 store. Police say she was driving while intoxicated.

What Happened?

Shortly before one in the morning on Monday, a customer at the 7-11 convenience store located near the corner of Stratford and Highway 113 in Dixon was searching for the correct change to make a purchase. Not having it, the customer stepped outside briefly to have a look in the car. It was a fateful move for that customer: before the 7-11 patron had the chance to make it back inside, a woman led her car straight through the front entrance of the store, smashing most of the glass in the front wall, upending the shelving units inside and strewing their goods about the floor, and ripping the door off its hinges. The attendant inside the store, escaped injury, but it seems likely the patron would have been seriously injured had the incident taken place but moments before. Pictures released by the owner of the store to local news outlets afterwards confirm that the automobile careened into the store following the same path that customers follow when entering, and reached its forced stop at the transaction counter.

Drunk Driver Flees the Accident Scene

The woman behind the wheel of the wayward vehicle, identified so far only as a Dixon native, fled the scene of her misguidance at the first opportunity. She only made it as far as a couple of blocks down the street, where officers of the Dixon Police Department caught up with her and found her drunk. The intoxicated culprit was arrested on the spot and sits in police custody, awaiting trial on charges of driving under the influence. It is believed that her intention in making the stop at 7-11 was to get more liquor. No more specifics have been made available to the public as to the intricacies of the cause of the dramatic miscalculation, but it is assumed that it may be largely ascribed to the haziness of drunken judgment.

DUI Charges Are Very Serious

While a sentence has of course not yet been handed down in the case, it is worth pointing out that the state of California takes DUI charges very seriously and imposes a set of minimum repercussions for the first conviction (the Dixon P.D. has not indicated whether this is the driver’s first such trespass). These minimum punishments include just under $2000 in an array of fines, a license suspension of at least one month, and the consistent attendance and successful completion of an alcohol treatment program, whose length and cost depend on the specific blood alcohol content recorded at the time of arrest. This latter information has also not been made available to public knowledge in regard to this specific case, but the programs generally range from three months for blood alcohol contents ranging from .1% to .2% up to nine months or more for measurements over .2%. In addition to the full suspension of the driver’s license for at least one month, DUI convictions in California generally specify either a further five month restriction, allowing travel only to and from the workplace and the location of the alcohol treatment program, or a further two month restriction, allowing travel only to and from the alcohol treatment program. This, again, depends on the severity of the individual case.

Dixon Auto Accident Attorney Serving Victims Hurt or Killed By Drunk Drivers

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