Divided Over Transgender Bathrooms

Divided Over Transgender Bathrooms

Divided Over Transgender Bathrooms


Divided Over Transgender Bathrooms

A recent poll revealed that Americans are truly divided over whether the transgender community should use the public bathrooms of the gender they were born as or the gender with which they identify.

Split Down The Middle

Almost half—46 percent—indicated people who are transgender should be required to utilize the bathroom which corresponds with their born gender. The poll found 41 percent feel they should be able to utilize the restroom with which they identify.

Recently, a video surfaced on Youtube that got the country talking.

Watch Youtube Video – Stop Targeting Women and Children, by FlushTarget.com.

Are the Results Split Along Party Lines?

Yes. The results of this poll were largely split along party lines as well as along ideology, gender and region. While about 65 percent of Republicans indicated the transgender community should use the bathroom according to their gender at birth, another 60 percent of Democrats said the opposite. Additionally, 49 percent of independents felt that transgender people should use the restrooms corresponding with their identity at birth, as opposed to 38 percent who indicated they should go to the bathroom according to the gender with which they presently identify.

A Directive Issued by The White House

Recently the White House handed down a strong directive to public school districts pressuring them to allow transgender students to use the locker rooms and bathrooms for which they identify with. The directive went on to suggest that states whose districts don’t comply with the directive would face the possibility of losing their federal funding.

Majority Feel Federal Government Should Not Get Involved

About 57 percent of Americans surveyed said the guidelines to determine which locker room and/or bathrooms transgender students should be allowed to use in our school system should be determined by way of individual states and local governments. However, 35 percent indicated they think the federal government should be taking the lead.

Leave The Issue Up To The States – Not the Federal Government

Donald Trump has voiced his support for leaving this contentious issue up to the individual states.

Poll Information

The above referenced poll was conducted during May of 2016 via phone calls to cellphones and landlines, surveying about 1,300 people with an overall error margin of roughly plus or minus 3 percentage points. Of the 1,300 surveyed, about 378 identified themselves as Republicans, 415 said they were Democrats and 507 declared they were independents.

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Source of Divided Over Transgender Bathrooms: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/poll-transgender-bathroom-laws-223356#ixzz4LejW6M4k


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