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Designated December Dining Days

Delicious December

Happy end of 2020!  As we prepare to ring out the year amidst another surge in the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s review this month’s National Days for ways to feast our way through the remaining days of the year – at home. 

  • December 1st:  National Pie Day.  Since we are just coming off Thanksgiving and its abundance of sweet pies, why not try making this complex Beef Bourguignonne pot pie to commemorate the day.
  • December 4th:  National Bartender’s Day.  Since the bars are closed, pay tribute to the profession by whipping up a Bloody Mary.  Go heavy on the toppings to make it a meal.
  • December 5th:  National Sacher Torte Day.  The Great British Baking Show holiday special dropped on Netflix yesterday.  Use the show as inspiration to try your hand at baking this decadent dessert.
  • December 6th: National Microwave Oven Day.  On this day, gratefully ignore your conventional oven and try one of the many microwave mug cake recipes on the Internet.  Or pop in the rich and creamy Trader Joe’s Macaroni and Cheese for lunch (enough for two meals).
  • December 7th: An Odd Pairing.  Somehow the day to remember Pearl Harbor is also recognized as National Cotton Candy Day.  Could two things be any less compatible?  Also, why would a day to celebrate the summer county-fair treat of cotton candy fall during the cold, dark days of the year?  We are including this entry simply to ponder the mystery.
  • December 10th:  National Lager Day.  Hanukkah begins this evening, which coincides with National Lager Day. Sam Adams American Craft Lagers Variety Pack is certified kosher!
  • December 12th:  Gingerbread House Day.  Enjoy this fun and tasty holiday activity with your family.  Gingerbread house kits are available at most local grocery stores.
  • December 13th:  National Cocoa Day.  Items from Trader Joe’s make frequent appearances on our food day lists.  They know how to rock the holiday offerings.  How cute is this spiced cookie man that hangs from your mug of cocoa?
  • December 14th:  National Bouillabaisse Day.  Per Wikipedia, Bouillabaisse is a traditional fish stew with origins in the French port city of Marseille.  The Epicurious website offers its recipe for the dish.
  • December 16th:  National Chocolate-covered Anything Day.  How about crickets?
  • December 19th:  National Hard Candy Day.  Honor your great-grandfather and offer someone a lint-covered Werther’s Original from the pocket of your cardigan.
  • December 20th:  National Sangria Day.  We recommend drinking sangria in Spain or on the patio at Aioli’s.  Barring those options, this recipe will suffice.
  • December 21th:  First Day of Winter.  We think this is a good time for soup!
  • December 23th:  National Pfeffernüsse Day.  Pfeffernüsse are small, round, spicy cookies that are a popular holiday treat in The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.  Here is a recipe.
  • December 24th:  Christmas Eve and National Eggnog Day.  Eggnog is a love/hate holiday treat.  If you love eggnog, the Organic Valley version gets great reviews.
  • December 25th:   Merry Christmas!  Since we haven’t moved far enough away from Thanksgiving’s turkey extravaganza, many of us are planning a tamale Christmas.
  • December 26th:  National Candy Cane DayPeppermint soothes an upset stomach, according to holistic practitioners, so pull a few canes off of your tree and enjoy while recovering from yesterday’s feast.
  • December 29th:  National Pepper Pot Day.  Pepper Pot is a traditional holiday meat stew in Guyana.  It is simmered slowly in a dark rich gravy.  It contains flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar.  Hey, that sounds pretty good and a break from the usual holiday fare – we may try out this version.
  • December 30th:   National Bicarbonate of Soda Day.  Baking soda is a centuries-old remedy for heartburn.  Appropriate.
  • The Last Day of 2020:  New Year’s Eve and National Champagne Day.  Cheers!  May 2021 be a great year for all!

Watch the YouTube video: How to Make Tamales for Christmas.

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