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April 16, 2018
Edward Smith

Delayed Symptoms After a Car Accident

I’m Sacramento car accident lawyer Ed Smith. One of the reasons people are encouraged to visit a physician or seek other medical treatment after a car accident is because of delayed injury symptoms. While some injury symptoms appear right away after a car accident, others may not present themselves until days or weeks later.

What Symptoms May Be Delayed Following a Car Crash?

  • Swelling or pain in the abdomen: Abdominal injuries can present late and may exhibit as bruising, pain and dizziness. This could be an indication of internal bleeding or organ damage such as to the liver, intestines, stomach or other organs. These types of injuries can be life-threatening and require immediate medical intervention.
  • Drowsiness, sleep problems, vomiting or nausea and headache: According to the Mayo Clinic, these may be symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Even a mild case of traumatic brain injury can have wide-ranging effects. The more severe the injury, the more severe the symptoms. TBI requires immediate attention by medical professionals.
  • Depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, nightmares and reliving the accident repeatedly: These can be signs of psychological and emotional trauma from the crash. Other symptoms in addition to the above may be included such as agoraphobia or fear of driving or riding in a vehicle. At its extreme, it can be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emotional and psychological trauma can require the help of a professional to overcome.
  • Tingling, numbness or weakness in arms: This can indicate damage to the spinal column or neck such as cervical sprain or strain. According to the Cleveland Clinic, symptoms of cervical stress or injury may also include stiff neck, muscle spasms, pain, and anxiety.
  • Back pain: Back pain can be an indication of some injuries to the spine, including injury to muscles, nerves or ligaments. More severe injuries can include vertebral dislocation or spinal fracture, which can cause spinal cord damage.

Importance of a Medical Exam Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

While you might feel fine or just have minor pain following a motor vehicle accident, seeing a physician cannot be stressed enough. For one thing, if you neglect to see a physician, your well-being and health might be put at risk by serious injuries. Secondly, it can be more difficult to prove that injuries that arise later are due to the accident. While at the doctor’s, be sure to explain that you were in a crash. Remember, insurance companies don’t like to pay out money that they don’t have to, so documentation is essential!

Things to Do Regarding Injuries

There are some things an individual can do to help support their injury claim in a motor vehicle accident. These include:

  • Documenting any pain or change in symptoms.
  • Taking photos of bruising, cuts or other injuries.
  • Keeping copies of medical bills, prescriptions or any other expenses related to the accident.
  • Following doctor’s orders and taking prescribed medications on schedule.
  • Make sure to attend all follow-up and physical therapy or chiropractic appointments.

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