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March 30, 2019
Edward Smith

Delayed Blood Vessel Injury

Burn injuries are not unusual in a motor vehicle accident and the complications, such as blood vessel rupture, might not show up until weeks after the initial injury. In a severe auto accident, the inner workings of the vehicle are exposed. This presents ample opportunity for an individual to suffer a severe burn. Some of the possible sources include:

  • Hot, exposed, metallic surfaces
  • Flammable liquids, such as gasoline
  • Exposed electrical wires which can cause electrical burns

Like other traumatic injuries, burns can range in their severity from minor to life-threatening. The various classes are:

  • First-degree Burns – the burns are painful and turn the surface of the skin red; however, they lack blisters or skin peeling.
  • Second-degree Burns – the burns are extremely painful and cause blisters, peeling, and ulceration of the skin.
  • Third-degree Burns – the burns lead char and kill the skin, causing damage to the underlying tissue, muscle fibers, and even bone.

Following a burn injury, it takes time for the tissue to heal and for the skin to close. During this time, the body is vulnerable to several different complications. One of these is the rupture of blood vessels.

Watch YouTube Video: Classification and Treatment for Burns. The animated video below explains the different layers of skin, the varying degrees of burns on the skin and their treatment.

Intraoral Burns Can Lead to Major Complications

In a severe motor vehicle collision, flammable liquids could start to leak from the car. When these liquids come into contact with an ignition, such as a spark, a fire can start. These flames can lead to a unique type of injury called an intraoral or a mucosal burn. When people inhale hot air and smoke, this can cause severe burns to the inside of the mouth and throat. As the heat damages the mucosal layers of the mouth, it can lead to severe pain and cause individuals to have trouble breathing. This is a medical emergency that requires the attention of a trained medical professional. Unfortunately, other complications might develop.

Severe Bleeding After a Burn Injury

Because the mucosal layer is thin, the blood vessels that live just under the surface can be damaged. Unfortunately, this damage often doesn’t manifest until later. The burn injuries will start to heal, and scabs will form. As the tissue heals, the scabs begin to peel away and fall off. As these scabs fall off, they can damage the blood vessels that run under the surface of the mucosal layer. One blood vessel that is at major risk of being injured is called the labial artery. It supplies blood and oxygen to the lip area of the face. Because it is an artery, it is a high-pressure vessel. If it starts to bleed, it will bleed quickly and is a medical emergency. Blood vessel damage must be treated as promptly as possible.

Contacting an Injury Attorney

Having a loved one involved in a severe car accident creates a very stressful situation. Unfortunately, complications of these injuries can occur which leads to only more uncertainty. This leaves families searching for answers. Under these circumstances, it is critical to speak with a burn injury lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the assistance that can be provided by an injury attorney includes:

  • Negotiating with banks, insurance companies, and other financial entities to ensure benefits are paid on time and in full.
  • Assisting families in pursuing damages related to any burn injuries, complications, and chronic pain or suffering.
  • Transitioning a case to trial when needed.

Families should know that help is always available. Trust in the expertise and compassion of a Sacramento Burn Injury Lawyer. You could be owed significant financial compensation.

Sacramento Burn Injury Lawyers

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