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Overview of Degloved Finger Injuries

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August 27, 2017
Edward Smith

Traumatic Degloved Finger Injuries

There are many different injuries that one can sustain, and one of the most painful is called a degloved finger injury. This is a traumatic injury that has the potential to cause numerous complications for the person suffering the injury. A serious degloving injury has the potential to cause someone to lose the use of their finger.

How Does a Finger Get Degloved?

For those who don’t know, degloving injuries involve a type of trauma that strips the skin from a part of the body,  cutting off its blood supply. It is is a traumatic injury that can develop in any number of ways.

While it can happen in an auto accident, it is more common if someone has been rock climbing or is involved in a motorcycle accident. If someone is not wearing the proper protection, their hand could scrape across a rock or a slab of pavement at high speed. If a piece of the finger catches, it could strip the skin off of the finger and, possibly, the hand as well.

How is a Ring Avulsion Injury Treated?

The treatment for a ring avulsion is going to depend on the extent of the injury. If the injury is small, the patient could avoid surgery and may just have the wound site closed where the blood vessels were exposed. For a larger degloving injury, a patient could require a skin graft to cover the wound.

Serious degloving injuries of the finger could lead to nerve damage or even bone fractures, which in some cases, amputations may be required. Patients will require a trip to the operating room for not only a skin graft but to repair the associated injuries as well.

What Type of Prognosis Can a Degloved Finger Patient Expect?

As a person recovers from this injury, the prognosis will depend on the severity of the injury. For patients with nerve damage or who have required surgery, they could be forced to undergo an extensive rehabilitation process. This could involve multiple trips to physical therapists to help avoid chronic comorbidities.

Those who have relatively minor injuries may be able to resume activity once the injury has been repaired. Regardless, the prognosis for every person will be handled on a case by case basis according to their doctor’s recommendation. Everyone should listen to their physician when recovering from an injury of this severity.

Watch YouTube Video: Jimmy Fallon Explains His Finger Injury by The Tonight Show. Night talk show host Jimmy Fallon discusses his severe hand injury.

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