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August 20, 2019
Edward Smith

Deadly Crash Kills Pedestrian in Arden Arcade

A deadly crash claimed the life of a pedestrian in Sacramento on August 18. The accident occurred around 9:20 in the evening along northbound Watt Avenue near Whitney Avenue in the area of Arden Arcade, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department attempted to resuscitate the male pedestrian. However, it was to no avail. The driver was reported as cooperating with police in the investigation. Initially, it was alleged that alcohol may have been a contributing factor to the deadly crash; however, this was subsequently ruled out. 

Facing the Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one suddenly in a deadly crash involving a pedestrian accident can be traumatic for family members. Aside from the sense of loss the family suffers, a wrongful death due to another person’s negligence elicits a sense of powerlessness and anguish. Many individuals feel that the decedent was denied the life they should have lived. Family members feel they were robbed of the years and love and support they could have had. Grief is not easily left behind, and for some, it persists for many years after a deadly crash. An attorney can be of enormous assistance in this difficult time by helping the family overcome the financial difficulties they face. 

How an Attorney Helps After a Deadly Crash

No one can restore the way things were before a loved one’s death. When our firm is brought in to help, we send our investigative team to the accident scene to scour the area for evidence as to why the accident occurred. We obtain video capture of the deadly crash from traffic cameras and businesses in the area. Our investigative team also interviews witnesses to the accident, and we check police reports for inaccuracy. When this information is accumulated, our legal team uses the data to build a strong case against the person or party who is responsible for the accident. This can then be used to negotiate with the insurance company, and if such negotiations are not fruitful, to bring the case to civil court. 

What Does a Wrongful Death Claim Mean?

After a wrongful death, the State of California allows a family to recover financial aspects of their loved one’s death. For instance, the family will lose the income the decedent provided. They will also lose the protection, comfort, companionship, moral support, and assistance normally supplied by the decedent. A personal injury lawsuit is intended to restore to the person what he or she lost. In a wrongful death case, this cannot happen. However,  it is clear that the decedent helped and supported their family in many ways that have a financial basis. This is a tribute to the decedent’s love and hard work that they readily gave to their family members and the tangible value of it. 

How to Deal With Grief

Grief is a normal human process in which we deal with the loss of someone we love. It is often overwhelming, and many emotions come into play, such as sadness and disbelief. It can also affect a person physically. People face grief differently, and this depends on a number of factors. The bottom line is that grief takes time to heal, and how we approach it is important. There are a few things to keep in mind as you go through the grieving process:

  • Allow yourself to grieve: It is important to allow yourself the time to grieve with the sadness, loneliness, and fear it may bring. It is important to give yourself the gentleness you need and not try to put on a strong front. 
  • Give yourself time: Don’t put artificial restrictions on how long you will grieve. It will resolve on its own time. Support from others is important.
  • Grieve in your own way: Some people can’t stop crying. Others may be dry-eyed. This does not mean that one person is heartbroken and the other isn’t. It simply means we are all different, and we all face grief differently. Be yourself. 
  • Don’t be afraid to move on: When the time is right, most people move on after a harrowing loss. This allows them to keep the person they lost as an integral part of who they are while accepting new challenges. It is the natural order of things, and it happens in its own time.

Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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