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Data on Truck Accidents in Mendocino County

Statistics on Truck Accidents in Mendocino County

Mendocino County is a beautiful place with lots to offer its residents. With plenty of small farms and access to incredible beaches and natural scenery, it’s easy to see why it’s such a great area to live in. However, as with any area, Mendocino has its fair share of accidents, and because of agricultural activity in the region, many of these accidents involve large trucks. While it’s impossible to predict an accident, local drivers can improve their roadway safety by learning about how truck accidents in Mendocino County tend to happen.

A Look at Truck Crashes in Mendocino

Data made available by agencies including California Highway Patrol (CHP) and local police departments shows that, between 2008 and 2020, a total of 5,287 traumatic vehicle accidents happened across Mendocino County. These accidents caused 7,014 injuries and 273 deaths. Out of the 5,287 car accidents, 216 involved a large commercial truck. These 216 crashes caused 250 injuries and 27 deaths, meaning that truck accidents had a fatality rate of around double the average for collisions overall.

Most Common Crash Types

The three most common types of truck accidents in Mendocino County, from least to most frequent, were hit-object crashes, rollovers, and sideswipes. Altogether, these accident types accounted for nearly 60 percent of the accidents in question. Less common accident types included pedestrian crashes, head-on collisions, and broadside wrecks.

Primary Causal Factor

After a car accident, authorities will determine a primary causal factor. While accidents may involve more than one cause, these factors are determined to be the most critical factor of the accident. The following violations were most often listed as primary causal factors in Mendocino truck collisions:

  • Speeding
  • Dangerous turning
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Right-of-way violations
  • DUI

The above violations accounted for nearly 90 percent of these crashes. Less common factors included hazardous parking, improper passing, tailgating, and pedestrian violations.

Learning More About Truck Accidents – Watch YouTube Video

To learn about the dangers of big-rig crashes, you can watch this helpful video:

Why It’s Important to Take Quick Action

Accidents that involve big-rigs frequently cause major injuries and the companies that own these vehicles are very aware of this risk. Because they see accidents as a normal risk of operating their business, trucking companies are typically prepared to take action right after a crash takes place and will even send legal teams to accident sites in order to collect their own evidence and witness statements.

Because trucking companies are quick to act, it’s very important to call a Ukiah truck accident lawyer at your earliest opportunity. The sooner you reach out for help, the sooner your attorney can begin investigating the crash and putting together a strong case to help you and your family obtain fair compensation for your losses.

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