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Molestation Incident at Placerville High School 

As children grow up, teachers are among the most influential and trusted figures in their lives. Few people feel more betrayed than when someone in a position of authority abuses their power and breaks their trust, particularly when it involves school sexual assault.

Daniel Mummy Arrested on Several Counts

Police detectives were seen visiting the El Dorado High School in Placerville in response to allegations made against Daniel Mummy. Mr. Mummy was a math teacher who was accused of touching several of his female students inappropriately. Victims came forward with their allegations against the 33 year-old teacher, saying that he had been engaging in this inappropriate and unlawful behavior since October of 2016. As more victims came forward, the police detectives had no choice but to investigate the counts and corroborate the stories of multiple students at the local high school. A statement of the Placerville Police Department confirmed that multiple allegations had been made and that Mr. Mummy was in custody.

Watch Youtube VideoHigh School Teacher in Placerville Arrested On Molestation Charges. Video discusses the case of an El Dorado High School teacher in Placerville who was suspended for sexual misconduct with a student and subsequently arrested by authorities. At least three students have come forward.

A Variety of Charges – Placerville High School Molestation

Daniel Mummy has been booked in the local El Dorado County Jail on seven different misdemeanor counts of molesting children and a serious felony charge of sexual battery by a person of authority. The law differentiates sexual battery in different ways to acknowledge that sexual battery by a person of authority is a more serious crime. Mr. Mummy’s bail was set at $95,000. Over the next few months, the police will continue their investigation and collect evidence from the victims and people who knew him before presenting their case.

Sexual Assault is a Serious Crime

Unfortunately, sexual assault is a crime that spans all ages. It’s not unusual for preschool sexual assault to be reported to law enforcement or suspected by parents. Child molestation is often a difficult crime to prove because it may not leave any physical evidence. It may help when multiple people come forward. On the other hand, residential care facility sexual assault isn’t unusual either. For this reason, it is important for people to know how to spot nursing home abuse and abuse that takes place with children. Sexual abuse can lead to a catastrophic personal injury as victims are scarred for an extended period of time, sometimes for life. Sexual assault victims often need therapy to help process their abuse and bring some degree of normalcy to their life. This comes in addition to any medical treatment that they need as a result of their abuse. While these are important parts of the healing process, it all starts with the victims being believed.

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