Dangers of Winter Jackets and Car Seats

Dangers of Winter Jackets and Car Seats

Dangers of Winter Jackets and Car Seats

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto car accident lawyer. The winter season may bring delight and joy to those who enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in the cold weather. In contrast, others may find the inclement weather conditions stressful as this season increases the chances of car accidents along the roadway. When hitting the road with a little one, always make sure that they are securely restrained in their safety seat. If you are unsure about the safety protocol behind using a child car seat, please read our detailed article below.

Checking Your Child’s Winter Jacket

A general rule to follow when restraining your child in a safety seat is to check how puffy their winter jacket is. The area of concern for this matter being that a puffy jacket may leave the harness of a car seat too loose, thus, reducing its effectiveness in a car accident.

  • Secure your child in the safety seat with their winter jacket on and fasten the harness to a safe yet comfortable fitting
  • Unhook the harness, without loosening it at all, and remove your child from the safety restraint seat. Remove your child’s jacket, place your child back in their seat, and buckle the harness straps to the prior fitting (of the winter jacket)
  • If there is too much space between your thumb and forefinger, your child’s winter jacket may be too bulky and unsafe to be worn while restrained under the harness

How to Layer Your Child Safety in a Car Seat

The art of dressing your children for the cold is critical as children tend to lose heat rapidly due to their small size. Improperly layering your child against cold weather conditions, such as excessive or minimal layers of warmth, may increase the risk of illness for a child. Too many layers may cause a child to sweat and cause their clothes to dampen, allowing the wind and cold to decrease their body temperature. According to Kidshealth.org, too little layers may cause a child to suffer illnesses from cold exposure, such as frostbite. A smaller child may be protected against the cold by placing a blanket over the harness of their car seat and their body. For bigger children, you may secure them in their seat and place the jacket backward (with the child’s arms through the armholes of the jacket), so that the jacket may serve as a blanket resting over the harness of the safety seat. There are also aftermarket covers available on the market that are specifically designed to offer additional warmth for car safety seat occupants. Please keep in mind that these covers must be approved by the manufacturer of your specific car seat.

What to Do With a Car Safety Seat After a Car Accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends any child restraint seat involved in a car accident should be replaced, regardless of the severity of the collision. Usually, the insurance provider of the at-fault party or your own insurance policy, if you have full-coverage, will issue reimbursement for an occupied or unoccupied car seat that may have sustained damages in an accident. Please keep in mind that insurance companies may require a copy of a receipt in order to issue reimbursement.

Incidents Involving Recalled Car Safety Seats

It is always best to keep up to date with recall articles by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or SaferCar.org’s Child Seat Recall Campaign Page, as recalls for car safety seats are becoming a common reality. The common defects of child safety restraint systems include:

  • Angle of Recline
  • Booster Seats
  • Chest Clip
  • Faulty Buckles or Latches
  • Faulty Adjusters
  • Fracturing of Plastic Shells
  • Shoulder Harness Slots
  • Three-Point Harness
  • Use of Flammable Materials

If a loved one in your family has suffered traumatic or even fatal injuries caused by a defective child safety restraint system, it is important to contact a seasoned Modesto personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and secure fair compensation for incurred damages.

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