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Dangerous Intersections in Arcata

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September 10, 2017
Edward Smith


Dangerous Intersections in Arcata

I’m Ed Smith, an Arcata car accident lawyer. Accidents are liable to happen anywhere and driving a motor vehicle always presents some amount of risk. However, knowing where accidents frequently occur can help drivers know when and where to practice extra caution.

The Intersections

According to reported data from UC Berkeley research groups, these are some of Arcata’s more dangerous intersections:

  • Samoa Boulevard and South G Street
  • H Street and 11th Street
  • G Street and 14th Street
  • Samoa Boulevard and Crescent Way
  • Highway 101 off-ramp at Samoa Boulevard

Dangerous Motorcycle Intersections

The following intersections have a higher rate of motorcycle accidents leading to injury:

  • 14th Street and H Street
  • Haeger Avenue and Janes Road
  • Janes Road and 11th Street

Intersection Statistical Information

Annually, the Federal Highway Administration reports that around 2.5 million accidents occur at intersections, most involving left turns. Across the U.S., 40 percent of all collisions involve intersections, making intersection accidents the second most common category of vehicle collisions, led only by rear-end accidents.

Additionally, fifty percent of serious injury accidents and around 20 percent of fatal injury accidents occur in intersections.

Why are Intersections Dangerous?

There are multiple factors that make intersections a location where accidents occur frequently. Generally speaking, intersections are dangerous because they present collision possibilities that straight roads do not. Vehicles are stopping, turning, and maneuvering in ways that are more complicated than on straight roads. These factors can increase a potential for something to go wrong.

Also, drivers at intersections don’t always follow the rules. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that around 165,000 collisions occur at U.S. intersections every year due to drivers who ignore red lights. These red light runners cause 700-800 fatal accidents every year.

Staying Safe at Intersections

In order to avoid receiving injuries at an intersection, there are a few things that drivers can do:

  • Always keep an eye out for cross traffic while approaching an intersection. Even though you might have the right-of-way, you can’t always assume that drivers will honor red lights.
  • When making a right turn at a red light, ensure that the vehicle ahead of you clears the intersection. Rear-end collisions that happen between two vehicles turning right at a red light are a common type of intersection accident.
  • Always treat dead or faulty traffic light systems as four way stops. Often, vehicle drivers don’t know what to do when an intersection’s lights are malfunctioning and can cause accidents as a result.
  • Leave room between your vehicle and vehicles stopped ahead of you. This ensures that in the event that you are rear-ended, you won’t cause a chain-reaction by pushing the vehicle in front of you into the cross traffic of a busy intersection.

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